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Dust To Digital's Holiday Spirit & Soul

Posted: Nov 27, 2009

Dust To Digital’s Holiday Soul & Spirit

“Two white horses side by side
Oh, me an my Lord gon’ take a ride…”
“Goodbye, Babylon”
Rev. T.T. Rose & Singers

The holidays descend bringing cold temperatures, annual rituals, festive celebrations and peaceful intentions. My praise of the Atlanta, Georgia, label Dust To Digital is well known. No other organization exists like it. This soulful label’s products all contain rare spiritual literature, music and history.

With part two of my interview with Dust To Digital president Lance Ledbetter on the way (we always re-connect in December), I’m working on part one to publish as one of my favorite box sets of all time—Goodbye, Babylon—plays in the background...the eerie sermon titled "The Black Diamond Express To Hell Part One". Years could be spent absorbing the stories, psalms and songs contained within this inimitable wooden box. However, other essential Dust To Digital releases include the handsome book Take Me To The Water, Art of Field Recording Volume 1 and Volume 2, Fonotone Records, Where Will You Be On Christmas Day?, Anthology of the String Bass, Desperate Man Blues and I Belong To This Band as well as the latest compilations.

I encourage everyone to seek out Dust To Digital. The Black CrowesLuther Dickinson will always appreciate my insight for giving him several of these compilations last year when he never heard of the label until then. I believe they are the best gifts one could purchase for the Christmas holidays. For those who receive such a gift shall never forget it. More Dust To Digital news and information next week…

James Calemine

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