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Charlie Daniels' GRITZ Guest Blog; Memories of Toy Caldwell

Posted: Apr 16, 2008

We are happy to present our second Guest Blog, this one written by our good buddy the legendary Godfather of Southern Rock himself, Charlie Daniels. Charlie writes about his dear old friend Toy Caldwell,  and the rest of The Marshall Tucker Band.

Throughout the years I have spoken to Charlie many times, and he has always voiced his love of the late Toy Caldwell. After all, these guys walked through many a fire together back during the hey day of Southern Rock.  They had a special friendship, more like a brotherhood than just friends.

Read Charlie's thoughts on Toy here.

Look for more Guest Blogs, coming soon to GRITZ.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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outlawcountry says...

Love ya Charlie. Thanks for helping keep my heroes Toy and Tommy alive.

stellaguitar says...

Great article Charlie. You are a good man to remember your pals like you do. Buffalo seems to be following in your boot steps.

copperhead says...

great article. It seems like all our heros are gone. There are some good Bands like Sevenmoore and Thishamingo. but its hard to find CDs. Hitting The Note Managzine has some good CDs

PoBoy says...

Man, that's awesome....a tribute from one of my favorite artists to another fave. It's so nice to know that other people still feel the way I do about Toy - especially someone like Charlie. Sometimes you think that a "stage" persona is not the real person - I've always felt that what you saw was what you got with Toy, and everything I've read on Gritz sure confirms that!

tupelohoney says...

Nice. Those guys were all like brothers in the 70s. I miss those days. Great days indeed.

Benjamin1966 says...

I loved Charlie's article. Toy lives forever.

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