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Charlie Daniels Band Reissue Features Buffalo Liner Notes

Posted: Sep 12, 2009

I was so excited when I went to the mail box today and received my copy of the new reissue of Midnight Wind, the 1975 album by The Charlie Daniels Band. Not only was I excited to hear this reissue, but also to see my liner notes. I get excited about that type of thing.

This is my second liner notes gig with Australia's Raven Records, and I had a blast doing it. Big thanks go to Keith Glass for landing me the job again.

Raven does an outstanding job of packaging and this one is just beautiful. All of that plus a great CDB record and bonus tracks from Volunteer Jam. Review coming soon.

I thought I'd scan the booklet and share it. I'd recommend all of you order the reissue. It sounds better than the original and those Jam tracks only add to the fun.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.



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kennybluz says...

Hey, i think this album was released in 1977? It's a great album...a little different from High Lonesome and Saddle Tramp...then came Million Mile Reflections!!

JCFlyer says...

OMG..This timeless classic is finally out on CD. I was tempted to buy into the three pack CD issue but this is so much better. What took them so long???? Thank you for keeping it real!!!!!

misterblister says...

It's about time this album was released in cd form. A favorite of mine and my first CDB album (which of course I still own) from 32 years ago (wow!) Looking forward to you liner notes Buffalo.

rebyll says...

Waaaayyyy wayyyyyyy KOOOOL!!! I gotta get this not only for the music but cause my twin son of a different mother, Buff wrote the liner notes!!!!! reb

JuliBoo says...

Way to go, Buff. I'm excited too. Good writing...

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