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Candy Coburn is a Country Rockin' Treasure

Posted: Jun 09, 2010

Candy Coburn is one rocking country artist. I have sung her praides many times before within these pages, and most likely will again.

We are happy to feature a track from Candy onour latest GRITZ Compilation, which you can download free of charge here.

When I sat down with Candy or our interview in Nashville last year, I asked her about Southern Rock and if that music influenced her.


Yes it did. When I finally did get to listening to rock and roll, the first things I was into were Skynyrd and Marshall Tucker and The Allman Brothers. People still make fun of me because I have this weird version of “Sweet Home Alabama.”  It’s got a reggae piece it the middle. It’s really jacked up. But I can’t do a show without a shout out to Skynyrd and Tucker.


Read our archived interview with Candy here.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern. Buffalo

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michaelbuffalo says...

Thanks Copper. You should see that little thing live! Whew! Talk about high energy!

copperhead says...

Thanks to you I have been listening to her for a while. She is great

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