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Rockin' Southern Style with Candy Coburn in Nashville

Posted: Apr 28, 2009

Buffalo’s big adventure continues...

Well, at first my buddy Rick Broyles didn’t think he was going to make it out to The Exit/In for the big Candy Coburn showcase, so I drove on over, walked through the stark darkness, and found myself a table down front. Just before showtime brother Rick made it in, so it was cool to have a friend there to enjoy the set with.

Let me just say this, Candy and her band were locked and loaded, and sounded like a million bucks. Read my show review here.

After the set, Rick introduced me to the harmonica man, Coconut Harley, who had played with us at the Jam 4 George, although I had never actually had the pleasure of meeting him. This time, I did. A great guy, by the way, with lots of road stories. Speaking of road stories, Harley says “I have somebody you need to meet.” He brings over Supe Granda, the man I have been e-mailing for six months after being introduced by Donnie Winters. Well sir, I am almost finished reading Supe’s 500-plus page memoir, It Shined, the story of his band, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils! Yes sir, it is an essential book for Southern Rock fans, and extremely well written and engaging. Look for a review soon and an interview with the Supe man himself. I love the Daredevils! (aka: The Ducks, read the book!) It was nice to meet Supe live time, as well as his lovely wife.

Rick and I made our way across the street to Gold Rush for some dinner and polite conversation. Well, mostly polite. They make some mean chili at that place, man.

Rick and I said goodbye for now, and I made my way back to the hotel room. Tomorrow I would be meeting Candy for an interview before heading back to Carolina. It has been a fun, if way too short, trip.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


Supe Granda, Harley and Buffalo.


Supe, Rick Broyles and Harley.


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rebyll says...

I remember meeting and talking with Rick and Candy at J4G... Candy IS a sweetheart and a "Lil Firecracker" too.....

tuckerhead says...

Sounds like you had a great time. Candy is just amazing. I hope she becomes bigger than Madonna. She sure deserves it.

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