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Buffalo's Soap Box: The Economy, The Election and Stealing Music

Posted: Oct 27, 2008

I'm stepping back up onto my reinforced industrial strength Soap Box. You have been warned.

Something has to be done. No matter who becomes the president in a few days, there is a huge task ahead. The economy has never been so bad, at least in my life time. It seems like nobody is buying anything. We are working on selling our home, but there aren't any buyers.

I was at the local indie record store this morning, where I normally sell off my used CDs for cash, and the owner was telling me he can't keep buying used stuff because he isn't selling much of anything. Nobody has any mad money. It sucks. That and this whole illegal downloading deal. If you can steel the latest album online, why pay for it? Do you have any idea of the repercussions of that thought? The artists, the record company, the songwriters, all suffer. It's like going into the doctor's office and stealing drugs. Or going to a restaurant, eating a nice meal, and sneaking out without paying. As an artist and songwriter myself, it burns my buttocks.

Yeah, the economy is driving otherwise honest people to do irrational things. Crime is up, the stock market is down. People have lost all confidence in their leaders in Washington. Now, I am not about to do some sort of political endorsement here. I believe each person has to choose the candidate they feel is right for the job, including the highest office in America, the Presidency. But are you as sick of this election as I am? I am so very ready for it to be done.The only good part about the whole mess has been the sketches on Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show and Letterman. (That Tina Fey is so cute, and she has Sarah down to the winks.)

And one thing that gets to me like beggar lice in my BVD’s is the fact that multiple millions of dollars are being spent by Obama and McCain just to sling barbs at each other. You’d be hard pressed to see them actually talk about how to get out of this W. imposed mess. Makes me crazier than Sarah Palin on a moose hunt. That money could help the poor, aid education, aid research on stopping global warming, or buy me a new Hummer. Wait a minute. Scratch that last part.

We’d better all pray that the right people get elected to the White House, regardless of race, age, name, how many hunting rifles they own, whether they were a POW in ‘Nam or a well spoken Hawaiian. Somebody is inheriting a mess, and something needs to be done now, before we are all searching Craig’s List for a new planet to live on. Pray for the country. Pray for the leaders. Get involved. Do whatever you can. Love your brothers and sisters. Believe in God and America. Put on an Allman Brothers record. Have a nice day.

Tell me what you think.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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KStefanec says...

Hi Guys! I'm a Southern rock freak like the rest of you. We wouldn't be at this site if we weren't. I'm not here to argue but I would like to throw my $0.02 in the mix and let you digest some things to think about. Buffalo stated this is the worst economy, at least in his lifetime. Well, I'm glad you added "my life time." Not sure how old you are Buffalo but I'm 40 years old and I remember the Carter years. Huge inflation, double-digit interest rates, things were so bad we even had a misery index! A recession is defined as two quarters in a row with negative growth. Did you know we still haven't had that? We may have that coming up but it hasn't happened in the last 4 years even though we've had the media and certain politicians pound it into our collective brains. We will most certainly have a increasingly stagnate economy if we're in a slow down and get a president who raises taxes and lets certain tax cuts expire. BTW, I don't think you can tie illegal downloading with this economy. People have been doing this for the last 8 years and will continue doing it just like we traded cassette tapes of LPs during the 70's. The problem is people in this country have short historical memories. Markets ebb and flow. We have had such a great economy for the last 25+ years (thank you, Mr. Reagan tax cuts!) that when this happens, people think its the "worst economy." If the Democrats, sorry PenneElk :),wouldn't have mandated that certain people have to get a mortgage even if they can't afford it, we would not be in this banking fiasco. I do not believe Obama and his economic plan. He can't even stay consistent on the amount of income he wont tax, $250,000, $200,000, then, Biden says $150,000. Make up your mind. With all the spending he wants to implement, you WILL have your taxes increased! This guy is a Marxist and I will assign guilt by association and comments he made publicly before he was running for president. Everyone of his friends and colleagues spout Marxist, socialist, and even communistic ideas. He wants more and more government in our lives to spread our wealth! I just want government out of it! Leave me alone so I can run my business and my life the way I choose. My Southern friends should understand this. Your ancestors fought a war to throw off the shackles of tyrannical government. If we go down this road of socialism, there is no coming back without fighting to get it back. The founding fathers would agree. Here's to open debate and good political discussion! (We did learn something in Vietnam, a surge works when you do it to win!) Then I put on a Skynyrd record...

copperhead says...

I'm with you brother. A lot of my friends in MB are in Real Estate, construction, and other self employed jobs and they hadve done well, big homes, fishing trips to Alaska. My best friend who I went to Woodstock with told me for the first time in 20 years he had no work. People are hurting . My son lives in Vero Beach Fla and he is a painter . He can not find work and he as a grown man has to swallow his pride and ask me for help. There is no building going on there. It is unreal. So I'm sending my kid money, I just orderd the live Allman Brothers CD from the summer tour, I lite up my cigar from my local cigar shop, poured a glass of Irish mist, and I am reading my book that I bought from Barnes & Noble. Time for all of us to attend city council meetings , write editorials, write our congressman, and vote. Who is the best candidate. Damned if I know. Makes me thing of the son [For what its worth] by the Buffalo Springfield. Nobodys right if evrybodys wrong.

michaelbuffalo says...

Thanks Penne. And I agree with both you and Deryle.

PenneElk says...

Hurrah for you for speaking up. I pity the 44th president because he will be blamed for everything that has gone wrong in the last twenty-five years! In my irrational moments, I almost hope a Republican will have to take the heat. Of course, I am a Democrat to the core--a Yellow Dog, as we like to call it in the south. BUT I have never been so incensed and frustrated by a campaign. What have we come to in America? Per your advice, I am putting on an Allman Brothers album and praying that we survive the next decade. My friend Deryle Perryman is still trying to discover why we did not learn anything from Vietnam. So am I.

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