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Buffalo's Recording History (So Far)

Posted: Sep 16, 2009

I received a nice e-mail the other day from a lady in Alabama who said some very nice things about Gritz and my writing. She said she had been following my career since 1999, and that she was equally into my music. She asked if I could send her a complete discography and also tell her who all I have had the good fortune of working with. It got my mind to stirring, and I thought it might make a good blog. So here, for anyone who is interested, is the complete recording history of your pal the Buffalo.

My first release was available on cassette only, and was called Fairytales. (1992) It came out under the name Michael B & Donna, and was a duet between myself and a fellow thespian named Donna Orzonno whom I met while working in Tryon, NC. I called the “label: Act III Records, because Donna, myself and the late James Irwin had been working on a theatre group called The Act III Players.

The four-song EP was recorded in one session at Cafe Pleasurematic Studio in Greenville, SC and engineered by Steve McGowan. I played all the parts on acoustic guitar and both Donna and I sang. The songs were all written by me  included “Fairytales” , “Fire On The Water,” “I’m Leavin,” and “Hannah’s Song.”

It is long out of print and should probably stay that way. It was a valiant attempt, but not my best work.

I returned to McGowan’s studio the next year with a reformed Buffalo Hut Coalition (Myself, Joey Parrish, Dave Haddox and Steve Harvey) to record my song “She’s Got a Hold On Me” for a compilation Gary Arajuo was putting out on X-Records. It too was cassette only and included fresh tracks from several local bands.

In 1996, I recorded Happy To Be Here at Crystal Rain Studio in Taylors, SC, engineered by studio owner Doug Mullinax.The CD was recorded under the name Michael B. and released on the Dreaming Buffalo label. Personnel for the album included Joey Parrish on bass, Dave Haddox on drums and keys, Inge Haddox on vocal, Paula Powers on vocal, David Windhorst on acoustic guitar, Chris Corde on sax and fiddle, Mark Burrell on drums.

All 14 of the songs were originals and included “Paris is Burning,” “Stone Houses,” “Hannah’s Song,” and “The Snake.”

In 2001 I returned to Lincoln, Nebraska where I recorded my next album Midwest Carolina Blues as a tribute to rockabilly pioneer Bobby Lowell, who had recently died of cancer. The album was released on The Rockabilly Hall of Fame label, and included Bobby’s friends Jim “Little Jimmy Valentine” Cidlik, Bob Timmers, Pinky Semrad, Sean Benjamin, Dave Robel, Toni Baustin and Jim Jenkins. We recorded the album in one day at Jam Palace Studios in Lincoln, engineered by Cowboy Bob. The only problem was, I has stripped my vocal cords the night before singing at Zoo Bar, and could not sing, I ended up recording the lead vocals a month later at Wes Nance’s studio in Asheborro, NC.

Songs included “Lonesome, On'ry & Mean”  (Steve Young); “Fly Away” (Jerry LaCroix, Edgar Winter) “She's Got a Hold on Me” (Smith);  “Rockabilly Blue”  (Bob Timmers ); “Redeye”   (Johnny Meeks); “Jelly Jelly Blues” (Eckstine, Hines); “It's Been So Long”      (Bobby Lowell); “Medley: Stormy Monday/Redhouse”  (Hendrix, Walker)

Perhaps my favorite of the albums I have been able to do was Southern Lights, recorded at Mill Kids/Howler Studios in Huntsville, Alabama in  2002 and released on Dreaming Buffalo Records. I wrote all of the songs except for two, and had a killer band, The Crawlers. playing, along with some heavyweight guest musicians. I wrote a duet especially for me an Bonnie Bramlett the night she agreed to drive down from Nashville. Tommy Crain, famous as the guitarist for The Charlie Daniels Band, showed up at the studio with literally a truck load of instruments including electric and acoustic guitars, pedal steel and Dobro. Pete Carr, Danny Hall and  John D. Wyker appear on the record as does Stephen Foster, who also co-produced and engineered it wit Billy Teichmiller of The Crawlers. Other Crawlers included Owen Brown, Ray Brand and Thad Usery.,

Songs include “Into the Light,”   “Behind the Eyes,” “Hooker's Boogie”  (Wyker), “I Don't Want to Say Goodbye,” “Mad Dog,”    
“Life Behind the Mask,” “Ride on My Friend”  (Heatherly), “Gemini Soul ,”and “Buddha in a Swimming Pool.”    

In 2004 I returned to Mill Kids Studio to record Something Heavy, an album that was almost titled Renegade Angel. Billy Teichmiller, Ray Brand and I produced. The Crawlers were again the core band, with Danny Hall playing a huge role this time around. Larry Perkins played piano. Lynyrd Skynyrd Honkette JoJo Billingsley White sang, as did Rodeo Jan. Pete Carr again honored me by playing guitar, and John Wyker cameoed. Marshall Tucker BAnd guitarist George McCorkle came in and played some awesome rhythm and lead guitar on the record.

Songs included “Hard Driving Man”     (Talton/Wyker). “Something Heavy”     (Eddie Hinton). The Visit (Smith);  “Two out of Three Ain't Bad”  (Jim Steinman). “Natural Born Cowboy”  (Brand, Smith) “Hangin' Judge” (Smith/Brand), “Jack Daniels If You Please” (Coe). “Redneckin'” (Smith). “Dreaming Buffalo” (Smith); “Yard Sale Man”   (Smith). “Everyday Grind”  (Smith/Harvey). “Chapel of Ease”     (Smith). “Rocket City Express” (Smith/Brand)

Besides my own records, I have been happy to perform on
“The Next Adventure”  Marshall Tucker Band, 2007 and
“Stone Ground & Southern Fried”  Rhythm Pigs, 2003 as well as compilations Oasis Sampler (Oasis) 2002; Well Done (Crystal Rain) 1995; and The Hoe Cake Hour (X Records) 1992.

Currently I am compiling my original material for a new studio album, and am also planning a live record in the future. That’s about it for my music. Special thanks to Alicia James of Bama for asking!

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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Cool stuff. Time for another book as well

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