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Buffalo Returns, Brings Along Some Ol' Honk

Posted: Jun 08, 2007

In case anyone is wondering, the ol' Buffalo has been down for the count for a while lately, which explains my lack of blogging. (Now there's a sentence I would have never used even two years ago, LOL) I had to have the old gallbladder removed, and it has been a bit of a process healing following the procedure. Now, I am not yet 100 percent back up and running, but I just couldn't wait another minute to present our latest in a series called Legends of Southern Rock.

This time, we spotlight the undisputed kings of the Southern rock party, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Within our history recap, you will find dozens of hot links. Click on them and re-visit all of our Skynyrd related interviews from the past eight years. We hope you enjoy it.

Speaking of archives, you may have noticed that you now have complete access to all of the GRITZ archives. The whole enchilada, fellow babies. Just click on the links to read all of our past interviews, features or reviews. Now how much would you pay? How about nothing! It's all free, all the time. Ain't life grand?

Stay tuned to this very page for even more exciting news about GRITZ and SWAMPLAND. Plus, we have some great interviews on the way, along with contests and much more. GRITZ is back guys. Accept no substiutute.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.



PS: Many thanks for all the kind calls, e-mails and letters following my surgery. Y'all know I love you.

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HenryBenjamin says...

The Skynyrd article is excellent. I loved reading all the linked articles as well. Did you meet Ronnie?

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