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Buffalo is a Grandfather

Posted: Oct 01, 2008

It has been quite an exciting 24 hours. I’ll just jump straight to the point. For the first time ever, the Buffalo is a Grandfather. I know girls, you can’t believe I am old enough to be a Grandfather. I apologize for destroying the fantasy.

I got the call at about three in the morning from my wife Jill. She is in Hawaii with our Hannah. She said that after several hours of waiting, the Doctors had decided to perform a c-section. So at five minutes after four - that is, five minutes after 10 PM Honolulu time, little Zoe took her first breath of hospital air.

Zoe Kylee-Ann Maxey weighed in at 7 Lbs 2 ounces. She has blue eyes and a full head of black hair. She is just beautiful.

I spoke to Grandma (she’ll kill me for writing that), the Baby Mama (and she will kill me for that) and J.C. the dad and everyone is fine and thrilled. We all are.

Last night, before the baby came, I sat quietly and wrote a song for my girls. I thought I’d share the lyrics. and a few pictures. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Thanks for letting me gloat.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

Baby Song
words and music by Michael Buffalo Smith

She said, I can’t believe my baby’s having a baby
You See, it seems like only yesterday
I was rocking her to sleep and singing
“Rock a bye baby, in the tree top”
Now she’s having a little angel of her own.

She said, I can’t believe I’m going to be a Grandma
You see, it seems like only yesterday
I was running with my sisters, in the Carolina wind
Mama watching over all of us while we played

Now my baby girl is having her own baby girl
God knows that little angel will be my daughter’s shining world
And me, I’ve never felt the love I’m feeling here tonight
My baby’s having a baby
On a warm Hawaiian night.

She said, the baby came this evening to the islands
I can’t wait for you to see her pretty face
She looks just like her mama, but with her daddy’s smile
Just like her mom before her, all sugar and spice and lace.

Now my baby girl just gave birth to her own baby girl
God knows that little angel is my daughter’s shining world
And me, I’ve never felt the love I’m feeling here tonight
My baby’s had a baby, On a warm Hawaiian night.

© September 30, 2008


My beautiful pregnant step daughter.

Hannah and baby Zoe.

Look at that face!


Hannah just before surgery. My girl kicks ass.


Grandma Jill and baby Z.

Daddy J.C. and his angel.

All Photos by Krissy Slayden: Much Love Photography

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tennesseewaltz says...

Congrats Buffalo. Beautiful baby. Isn't it a great feeling?

PenneElk says...

What a beautiful baby! What a beautiful family! Congratulations to ALL.

jcalemine says...

Buffalo, Congratulations ol boy. Hey Grandpa! What's for supper? Yours in all things Swamp...

OhioGuy says...

Congratulations and best of health to you all!

JuliBoo says...

I'm Jill-ella's sis and want to congratulate Buff on his new grandfatherhood and for sharing the photos. All my love to Zoe and her mom & pop. The Tubes said it best, "She's a beauty."

copperhead says...

Grats Buff. I have a Grandson. He adds so much to my life. You are going to love this part of your life.

bodicted says...

Aw, what a beautiful baby girl.... Congrats Buffalo! You've got a great looking family there man, something to really be proud of. Bless you all.

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