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Big 12 Daily Fever: OU Linebacker Sues NCAA

Posted: Aug 20, 2009

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We wrote earlier in the week about Oklahoma’s Mike Balogun, as the NCAA had questioned his eligibility. Now the senior linebacker has filed a civil suit against the NCAA seeking damages. The issue at hand is Balogun playing semi-pro football after his 21st birthday but before he started his collegiate career.

Similar to today's SEC Daily Fever story about Tennessee, the question must be asked, “Why now?” in regards to flagging the eligibility of a player who played ten games last year and started the National Title Game.  The NCAA's timing on both of these situations seems curious.  

Hopefully, the situation will be resolved quickly (although that seldom happens when dealing with the NCAA bureaucracy).

If the lawsuit is carried out, the results could be very interesting for the future of collegiate athletes who have unusual NCAA issues.

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