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ACC Daily Fever: Georgia Tech Playing For League Pride

Posted: Dec 09, 2009

In last year’s Orange Bowl, Virginia Tech beat Cincinnati 20-7 which gave the ACC its first BCS Bowl win since Florida State won it all in 1999. Georgia Tech will try to keep that momentum going as they prepare to take on Iowa in this year’s game.

The Big Ten seems to get an at-large BCS invite every season while the ACC has never received one, so look for Paul Johnson’s squad to be fired up in South Florida.

The outspoken ACC Coach of the Year was none too shy about carrying the conference flag into the postseason:

"I think you're always representing the conference," Johnson said. "We're coming down to represent Georgia Tech, No. 1, but I think representing the ACC goes along with that. Every league is fighting for an identity, so to speak. We sit right here in the middle of the SEC so we hear about that a lot, so certainly league pride will be a big deal, I'm sure."

The Yellow Jackets will also be motivated by last season’s 38-3 loss to LSU in the Chick-fil-A Bowl (in the middle of that “SEC country”). That loss and playing for the conference should have Tech plenty prepared for the Hawkeyes.

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