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ACC Daily Fever: FSU and Virginia Tech Get Huge Wins for the Conference

Posted: Sep 21, 2009

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While the lower teams in the conference have had some terrible losses early, two of the league stalwarts, Florida State and Virginia Tech, had big time wins on Saturday.

It looked like the Hokies would suffer a rare home loss to Nebraska, but Tyrod Taylor drove the team downfield late and threw the game-winning touchdown pass with 21 seconds to go. Florida State rebounded from a lackluster performance against Jacksonville State and demolished a tough BYU team in Provo, 54-28.

Both victories, plus the solid play of Miami and North Carolina, bode well for a conference that has had its share of bad publicity this season. While the lower half teams have a lot to prove, the upper half of the league will be what repairs the ACC’s football image.

So far, it seems like Miami, Virginia Tech, FSU, Clemson, UNC, and Georgia Tech are leading the conference.  These are the teams that should be dominating in football because each school has made a commitment to the sport despite the ACC's rep as a hoops conference.

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MTSU beats Maryland for the second year in a row

Virginia blows lead against Southern Miss

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