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ACC Daily Fever: Bowden Bowl Plan is a Proven Winner

Posted: Dec 18, 2009

As Florida State prepares for the Gator Bowl against West Virginia, there is a ton change happening in Tallahassee. Bobby Bowden will be coaching his last game, and then Jimbo Fisher and his (somewhat) new staff will take over and hit the recruiting trail. The new coach will definitely have some changes for the Seminoles program, but one thing that will stay the same is Bowden's plan for bowl preparation:

“We used FSU’s [system, at other coaching stops he’s made] … did it the exact same way,” Fisher said. “We researched it, and the way coach Bowden has done it has had the most success.”

Florida State has the current best streak in the nation as they look towards their 28th consecutive bowl game. The 'Noles are 19-7-1 during that time, and Bowden has a bowl record of 20-9-1 at FSU (including a string of 14 wins in a row from 1982-1995). He has found the right mix of football work and fun for the players over the years.

“It’s a reward for them,” Bowden said. “They have a game to play, and they have to prepare for it, but they should enjoy the trip.

The Gator Bowl will be very emotional for those players as well as FSU fans, but expect the 'Noles to be well prepared.

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