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ACC Daily Fever: Another Florida Coaching Legend Passes Over Tebow

Posted: Aug 20, 2009

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This will get them talking in the Sunshine State.

As if the UF-FSU rivalry needed anymore fuel, now Bobby Bowden has said he would take former Heisman winner Charlie Ward over current Gator Tim Tebow at quarterback.

Debates over top players are part of what make college football so fun, especially in our Swampland Footprint.

As Tebow completes his final season, this type of discussion will continue throughout the 2009 campaign and beyond.

The interesting thing is that Bowden has joined his old nemesis Steve Spurrier as coaches who have questioned the modern idea that Tebow might be one of the best ever.

It also shows us how much eras matter in college football.  For Bowden and Spurrier, they are surely connected to the times of their own glory and the QBs that led their teams during that time.

The recent success of the Gators under Urban Meyer clearly is a new era in Gator football.  Fans may remember the Spurrier era proudly, but it is certainly in the past now.

No doubt Bowden’s comments will be a huge topic the week before the Noles and Gators go at it on November 28.  The real question for Noles fan is whether Jimbo Fisher can be to Meyer what Spurrier was to Bowden - true rivals.


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