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A Brief History of The Boxmasters

Posted: Sep 02, 2009

It’s almost hard to believe that the first time I ever heard of The Boxmasters was two short years ago. August, 2007. I road tripped down to Myrtle Beach for a concert by Billy Bob Thornton, and a brand new opening band called The Boxmasters. I had no idea I was witnessing the birth of the coolest new group since The Dave Clark Five.

It really hooked me in that the Boxmasters opened for Billy Bob’s band. Especially since they were all the same guys. including Billy Bob on drums and lead vocals. Billy Bob was touring to promote his current release Beautiful Door.

The Boxmasters did something I had never before seen done. They combined country and hillbilly music with ‘60’s British Invasion sounds. Not to mention a little Frank Zappa style musical humor sprinkled in.

So then came their debut album in June, 2008. But did they just put out a single disc like everyone else? Nope. They released a double-album set that included one album of originals called “Ours” and a second disc of covers called “Theirs.” The album was available in a cool box that included both CDs and liner notes booklet. The album was also released on good ol’ double vinyl.

The single, “The Poor House” rocked CMT and GAC on TV with its hip 60’s style video and the world came to be introduced to The Boxmasters.

When the summer of 2008 rolled around, i was fortunate enough to attend two nights of Boxmasters shows down in Huntsville, Alabama. Again, they opened for Billy Bob’s solo show. It was amazing.

In another first, the band released a Christmas album in December, just months after their debut release. The record included a rocking “We Three Kings,” “My Dreams of Christmas” and the tragic “Christmas in Prison.”

The summer of 2009 found the band releasing another double album and touring with Willie Nelson. Modbilly repeated the formula of two discs, one original, one covers. All good. he guys were doing their own version of hits by everyone from The Beatles to Mel Tillis, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to Mike Nesmith.

Now I find myself in the fortunate position of hearing final mixes on not one but two new Boxmasters albums. This fall will see the release of Governor, an acoustic album of mostly previously released songs, done in a stripped down acoustic style. It is another good one, kids.

By year’s end the band will release their third double album, Bellflower. I won’t give too much away just yet. But I do love “My Redneck Girlfriend.” Just to name one. It’s their best album yet.

So here we have a band that has been around for only two years, maybe two and a half. By year’s end they will have released three double album sets, a Christmas record and an acoustic record. Five albums in two years. I can not help but compare it to the Beatles in the sixties. Prolific song writers pumping out two and a half minute songs on multiple albums each year.

Visit our Billy Bob Thornton page for links to all of our Boxmasters album and show reviews, interviews and much more. As for me, I just can’t wait for the next tour. Consider me a charter member of the “Boxheads.” Great idea. Maybe I’ll follow the tour. Just like back in the day. Groovy.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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stellaguitar says...

I saw them with Willie Nelson and they were great!!

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