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Christmas Cheer


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Those wacky Boxmasters are back again with their second release inside of a year, and boy howdy, is it ever a stone cold gas, man. The boys wrap all of their British Invasion influences in a shroud of Hillbilly Country, just like they did on this summer’s self-titled debut release, only this time Bud and the gang turn their attention to that most wonderful time of the year, the joyous Christmas season. Well, joyous for the most part.

After all, the album begins with “My Dreams of Christmas,” a Boxmasters original composition that tells the tale of a young boy who dreams of getting gifts, or at least having his daddy home over the Holidays. But it ain’t happening. No, it isn’t a happy snow man tune, but it is real.

While we are on the subject of honesty, the story of a man spending yet another Christmas behind bars (the prison kind, not the drinkin’ kind) is related in “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas.” Like all of The Boxmasters’ original songs, this one is well written. Again, it is sad but honest.

Say you’re looking for some happy, happy, joy, joy tunes? Well the boys in their sharp suits and ties deliver the goods in abundance. From their take on the traditional “Silver Bells,” to their rave up (beginning with the guitar lick from “Folsom Prison Blues”) of “We Three Kings,” which is one of my favorites on the disc.

“Slower Than Christmas” is another original that would make the Grinch grin. All about a man who has the “bah-humbugs” and would probably rather just watch The Cards games he TiVoed during the season than to “don we now his gay apparel.”

There’s “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer,” “The Christmas Song” (another Buffalo favorite), “Blue Christmas” (second only to the the Elvis version) and the closer, a super-fab rendition of Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War is Over.)” Still a brilliant concept in my book.

All of the guys in The Boxmasters are stellar pickers, and I really like that lead singer. His look really reminds me of somebody I have seen somewhere before. Maybe on the TV. Maybe one of my old friends. Either way, he’s a good egg, with a lot of nog.

I like this young band a lot. I really feel they have a brilliant future. Merry Christmas, Boxmasters. RIght back atcha.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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kennychesneyrocks says...

I love this cd! Brad Davis is awesome.

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