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Dixieland Delight

Review of: Clay Travis

As we head into the off season, now that the recruiting season is over (mostly), there might be no better time to pick up and read Clay Travis's

Friday Night Lights, Season 3

Review of:

Friday Night Lights began its entertainment lifespan as a fantastic book written by Buzz Bissinger.  Bissinger's book told the engaging story of the near "life and death" importance of a high school football team to the west Texas town of Odessa. Bissinger's read more...

A Tiger Walk Through History

Review of: Paul Hemphill

A Tiger Walk Through History: The Complete Story of Auburn Football from 1892 to the Tuberville Era Paul Hemphill Pebble Hill Press By James Calemine This 246 page book serves as a comprehensive anthology for the history of read more...

Meat Market

Review of: Bruce Feldman

Meat Market by Bruce Feldman ESPN Books Bruce Feldman wrote Meat Market to read more...

Runnin' With The Big Dogs

Review of: Mike Shropshire

Part of [beating Texas] is that old Okie inferiority complex. There’s no better cure for that than whipping Texas’s butt. -Barry Switzer, former Oklahoma coach In 1929 at the height of the Great Depression, the Texas-Oklahoma game was moved read more...

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