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The 100 Defining Moments in Southern Rock: Part Two

79. Cameron Crowe Puts The Allmans On the Cover of the Rolling Stone (December 6, 1973) Cameron Crowe went on the road with The Allman Brothers at the age of 15, and gave them their first ever cover story. Later, Crowe would turn his career into a semi autobiographical film called Almost Famous.

78. Tommy Caldwell Dies Following an Auto Accident (1980) After returning home to Spartanburg, SC following a show in Long Island, Tommy was on his way to the YMCA to work out when his Jeep hit a stalled car in the rain on Church Street and flipped over. Tommy remained in a coma for several days before dying on April 28th at the age of 30. The Marshall Tucker Band had lost its leader.

77. Jimmy Farrar Takes The Helm of Molly Hatchet (1980) When Danny Joe Brown left Molly Hatchet to form The Danny Joe Brown Band (with future Hatchet bandleader Bobby Ingram), Jimmy Farrar became lead vocalist, and recorded one of the band’s biggest hits, “Beatin’ the Odds.” Farrar would later resurface in The Southern Rock Allstars, The Dixie Jam Band and Gator Country.

76. Birth of The Mule (1994) Formed by Warren Haynes and Allen Woody (along with drummer Matt Abts) as a side project of The Allman Brothers Band, the power trio became a quartet following the untimely death of Woody in 2000. The Mule is a staple of the outdoor festival jam and rock band scene.

75. The Death of Hughie Thomasson (September 9, 2007) Hughie went out to dinner with his wife Mary on Sunday. Sept. 9, went home, got comfortable in his favorite chair to watch football and then passed away from a heart attack during a nap. He was 55. Hughie was the leader of The Outlaws, the “Florida Guitar Army” based out of Tampa. He had just finished a brilliant new album, and a great Volunteer Jam run with Charlie Daniels and Marshall Tucker.

74. Bobby Whitlock Records Rock Your Socks Off (1976)  Bobby Whitlock, formerly of Derek & The Dominos and Delaney & Bonnie, was a Capricorn recording artist during the 70’s. One of his best releases was Rock Your Socks Off, an album often remembered for its awful cover art and great music. Joining Whitlock on the album were: Jimmy Nalls (Sea Level), Dru Lumbar(Grinderswitch), Larry Howard (Grinderswitch), Ricky Hirsch (Wet Willie), Les Dudek, Jimmy Hall (Wet
Willie), Larry Howard (Grinderswitch), and Chuck Leavell(Allman
Brothers/Rolling Stones).

73. Allen Collins Dies (January 23, 1990) The hard rocking guitarist of Lynyrd Skynyrd survived the ill fated plane crash of 1977 but in 1986 a car accident killed Collins' girlfriend and left the guitarist paralyzed from the waist down, with limited use of his arms and hands. Allen Collins died in 1990 from chronic pneumonia resulting from his earlier accident. He was buried in Jacksonville, Florida.

72. The Marshall Tucker Band Homecoming (1977) During the peak of their popularity and with “Heard it in a Love Song” still riding the waves of the Top 40, The Marshall Tucker Band returned home to Spartanburg, SC to play a benefit for The Shriners Hospital. What was supposed to be two shows ended up being one, very long, very awesome jam, with special guests Charlie Daniels, Jaimoe and Marshall Chapman.

71. Lynyrd Skynyrd appear on Old Gray Whistle Test (1975) One of the most beautiful available videos of Skynyrd is this appearance on the long running British TV show. This appearance featured the two guitar era of Gary and Allen without Ed and before Steve, and Ronnie is in fine form.

70. The Midnight Special Features Dickey Betts & Great Southern, Bonnie Bramlett, Charlie Daniels and Elvin Bishop (May 12, 1978) Dickey Betts and Great Southern call on Bonnie Bramlett, Elvin Bishop and Charlie Daniels to help out with Dickey's “Southbound.” Great Southern featured Dangerous Dan Toler, Rook Goldflies, Doni Sharbono, David “Frankie” Toler, and Mike Workman. This is the kind of jams we all live for!

69. Blackfoot Smoke Monsters of Rock Festival (August 22, 1981) The Rattlesnake Rock and Rollers burned up the stage Castle Donnington Raceway in Derbyshire, UK along with AC/DC, Slade, Blue Oyster Cult and more. According to personal accounts and an available film of the show, Blackfoot was on their A game, plus.

68. Allen Woody Dies  (August 26, 2000) Woody died in a hotel room in New York City. Cause of death was never made public, though most feel it was drug related. Woody was the bad ass bassist for The Allmans, Gov’t Mule, Artimus Pyle and at one time, The Peter Criss Band.

67. Bonnie Solos at Capricorn - After recording Sweet Bonnie Bramlett for CBS in 1973, Bonnie made her Macon, Georgia debut on Capricorn Records with It's Time in 1975, followed by two other Capricorn catalog releases, Lady's Choice in 1976 and Memories in 1978. During this time she solidified her status as a Southern Rocker, adding to a resume that included gospel and soul diva with Delaney & Bonnie and Friends.

66. Grinderswitch is Formed (1973) Four young musician's, some of which worked on the Allman Brothers road crew, Joe Dan Petty, Larry Howard, Dru Lombar, and Rick Burnett, moved to a farm outside of Warner Robbins, Georgia, and for ten months the band wrote and rehearsed material for what was to become their first album on the rising Capricorn label, Honest to Goodness. They would soon find themselves a vital part of the whole Macon/Capricorn scene,

65. The Marshall Tucker Band, Bonnie Bramlett and Grinderswitch Tour Europe,
(1975) The Tucker Band flew to Europe for their only European Tour ever in 1975 bringing along Bonnie Bramlett and Grinderswitch, who not only played their own sets, but backed Bonnie on hers.

64. The Angelus Country Concerts (1990) Charlie Daniels hosts these annual events held near Christmastime each year in Tampa, Florida. The four day event features a celebrity golf tournament, an all star outdoor country concert, and countless jams, dinners and auctions. All for the benefit of The Angelus, a home for severely handicapped persons with cerebral palsy. Regular performers include Marshall Tucker, Molly Hatchet, Tommy Crain, Bonnie Bramlett, Montgomery Gentry, Dickey Betts and of course, The CDB.

63. Drive By Truckers Record Southern Rock Opera (2001) A double CD concept album loosely based on the Lynyrd Skynyrd mythology, Southern Rock Opera was funded by loans from friends and fans, and originally self released. In 2002 the album was professionally released by Lost Highway and has become a fan favorite in both the Truckers and Skynyrd camps.

62. Marshall Tucker Band Appear on “Fridays” (March 13, 1981) Fridays was a short lived Saturday Night Live type show that featured a young pre-Seinfeld Michael Richards in its cast. This episode was hosted by comedian David Steinberg, and featured Marshall Tucker in a skit as well as performing “Heard it in a Love Song” and “This Time I Believe.”

61. The Allman Brothers at Atlanta Pop Festival (1970) The second Atlanta International Pop Festival was a music festival held at the Middle Georgia Raceway in Byron, Georgia. Originally scheduled for July 3 to July 5, 1970, it did not finish until near dawn on the 6th, due in part to the jamming of one Allman Brothers Band, who played two smoking sets, and invited Johnny Winter up to jam on “ Mountain Jam.” The complete ABB sets were released on CD in 2003.

60. Donnie and Johnny Van Zant Team Up (1998) Brothers Donnie and Johnny Van Zant teamed up to record a side project outside Lynyrd Skynyrd and 38 Special in 1998, recording a second album in 2001. In 2005 they were signed to Sony, went country, and have released a pair of critically acclaimed albums.

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