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The 100 Defining Moments in Southern Rock: Part Four

by Michael Buffalo Smith

39. Jammin’ for Danny Joe Brown - (July 18, 1999) An all star concert headed up by Riff West to raise money for Molly Hatchet lead singer Danny Joe Brown, who at the time was buried under piles of medical bills. The show featured almost all of the surviving members of the original Hatchet, as well as The Southern Rock Allstars, Artimus Pyle, Pat Travers and others. The show, held at a big club in Florida, was later released as a DVD and CD.

38. Tommy Caldwell’s Bass Solo on “24 Hours at a Time” (1974) When The Marshall Tucker Band put out the double album Where We All Belong, with one live LP and one studio record, it turned the

37. Gregg Allman Acts in “Rush” (1991) Gregg Allman stepped into the role of a king pin drug dealer in the dark and somewhat depressing story of two undercover cops infiltrating the drug community. Stars include Jason Patric and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

36. Warren and Woody Join The Allmans (1989) When The Allman Brothers Band reunited in 1989 to support the new Dreams boxed set, the band featured Warren and Woody, as well as Johnny Neel. Haynes infused the band with a whole new spark, and the band as a whole regained their creative magic, recording and releasing Seven Turns in 1990.

37. Dangerous Dan Toler reunites with Dickey Betts (December 2001) When Danny came back in, Dickey changed the band name back to Great Southern. For a few years there, Dan and Dickey were smoking the clubs with red hot twin leads, just like in the old days. Today, Dickey’s son Duane is on second guitar, and Dan plays with TGZ.

36. MTV Hosts The Marshall Tucker Band (1982) During the first couple of years on the air, MTV actually cared about music. Hard to believe, huh? I remember MTB videos being played on a regular basis, and this full length concert by The Marshall Tucker Band was huge at the time. A couple of years ago, the show was released on DVD as Live from The Garden State.

35. Uncivil Wars Special on VH1 (August, 2002) Creative editing and an obvious agenda made this Lynyrd Skynyrd special come off like a bad soap opera or reality show. It’s on our list to remind us all of just how low the media will stoop to get viewers.

34. Tommy’s Last Show, King Biscuit Flower Hour (1980) Recorded at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, it was one of The Marshall Tucker Band's finest performances, high energy and bombastic. “Cattle Drive” sounded like the heard was being driven right through your head. The next day, Tommy would have a Jeep wreck at home, and die a few days later. The show was remastered and released in early 2007 as a two disc set called Live On Long Island.

33. Ol’ Waylon Cuts “Can’t You See” (1976) Waylon and Toy Caldwell had struck up a friendship, and in ‘76 Waymore did a great version of Toy’s signature tune on his album Are You Ready for The Country?

32. The Volunteer Jam Movie, (1975) This full length film was shown in theatres in 1975, sometimes as a double feature with a John Wayne western or other similar film. The footage is from the second ever jam, and includes a smoldering set by The Charlie Daniels Band, along with The Marshall Tucker Band, Dickey Betts, Grinderswitch and more. The movie finally made it to home DVD last year.

31. Mama Louise Feeds The Brothers (1969) The Allman Brothers Band didn’t have any money. They were in Macon recording and playing free shows in the park and trying to make it. Along comes the angel known as Mama Louise Hudson and her diner The H&H in Macon, now known as the soul food capitol of the South. Mama Louise fed the Brothers many times on credit, many more times for free. No small wonder she is looked upon as a saint by The Peach Corp.

30. The Southern Rock Allstars Release Double Live CD (2004) The SRA began life as The Dixie Allstars, and at one time included Billy Jones, Greg T. Walker and more. Drummer Jakson Spires and guitarist Jay Johnson were core members, and the band enjoyed a successful run and two studio albums. The live CD was full of covers by Hatchet, Skynyrd, and Blackfoot, as well as SRA originals, and featured guest guitarist Mike Estes. When the live album hit, the band included Johnson and Spires, Charles Hart on bass, Dave Hlubek on guitar and Jimmy Farrar on vocals. Around the same time, Hlubek left and Duane Roland came in. Later, with the death of Roland, Scott Mabry became guitarist. Jakson died in 2005, and the band all but disappeared.

29  Volunteer Jam Tour (2007) The Charlie Daniels Band, The Outlaws
and The Marshall Tucker Band toured the United States in 2007. The
Nashville show scheduled for May 19, 2007 was cancelled, due to the
closing of Nashville's Starwood Amphitheater, but the other cities witnessed a jam unlike anything they had seen in years, with members of all three bands sitting in with their friends, and the whole show wrapping up with all three bands onstage together.

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