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See You In A Hundred Years

An excerpt from
Four Seasons In Forgotten America
By Logan Ward
Benbella Books


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"Old Forest, you have come." Calm down the stairs wow gold side, the side looked through fire and had their own brothers. Jiang Sen same, short stature but stocky, sturdy arm will hold up a good high-clothes, dark chamber filled with plain surface, UGG Boots Clearancebut when the eyes do not blink out cold. Heard voice, Jiang Sen suddenly back to God, seeing wow gold,UGG Boots Clearance his face flashed a subtle hint of ordinary people excited, he quickly stood up respectfully deep Shiyi Li, said: "East Brother!" Wow gold, UGGS Clearancecame forward , forced patted his strong shoulders, point bowed, smiled and said: "Sit!" Jiang Sen hiss of breath, ** just stick to the sofa, just listen to wow gold asked: "of old, what happened?" He himself startled, busy and stood up and murmured: "Wavelet received credible information, someone will come to attack the island guitar music." "Oh?" wow gold surprised a moment, there is a lot of his enemies,Ugg boots clearance but the strength of drift over seas to attack him, yet he can not think of such a person. Wow gold show calm, you can face the same five elements brother was a change, look at each other, and finally, Jiang Sen eyes focused on him. Now, Ugg boots clearancethey finally understand why the band he plays this to so many people. "Who?" Wow gold, sat down opposite the Jiang Sen, come to smoke, lit, long smoke, and lightly asked. Jiang Sen looking around left and right, bow whispers: "The group is the soul." Wow gold smiled in spite of himself, yet also seemed like no choice but shook his head in disbelief: "They are not a bomb because it has been dissolved it?" Jiang Sen frown : "The soul group is dissolved, but there is still some residual power, do not know where they come from the news that East Brother Island in Kyrgyzstan live music, this time, Nike Shox Clearancethey bought a lot with the destruction of weapons, ready to a sneak attack on here. "" Ha ha! shrimp and crabs! "wow gold spit smoke, asked:" how many people they have? "Jiang Sen said:" Fifty or so. "" Where did you get the message from the old Liu? "" red Army! "wow gold said:" In the past, the heyday of soul group are not afraid of me, and now only a few remnants, but also cause for concern. "Jiang Sen said:" However, the East Brother, I think it should be very careful to on. I bring the blood to kill the brother of sixty to protect your safety. "sixty blood to kill the brother? Wow gold startled for a moment. Blood is the text of the East will kill the elite, whether man or group with the war, have a very strong power, and has been a member of the blood to kill small, the number has not reached its peak three hundred people, and now to kill the blood remained In the hundred or so, Jiang Sen brought sixty one people, is somewhat overkill. He minds of a turn, the suspect said: "of old, is not there anything else?" "Oh ... ..." Jiang Sen undaunted, a statement like that just looks like. Wow gold smiled and said: "This is one of us, there is nothing bad to say it?" Jiang Sen pharyngeal opening of spittle, said: "I suspect that someone within the text of the East will be detrimental to the East Brother." "Oh?" Wow gold eyes of a blind, staring Jiang Sen moment, asked: "Who?" Jiang Sen shook his head: "I just have this layer of doubt, there is no conclusive evidence. in the Eastern Columbia was gone, and Chen Baicheng extremely active, as three of Columbia right-hand man, make a large-scale private party, and the elimination of the people against him, recently, also join his brother Chen Baixin pull in, giving re-post. He often came the news that there will be today Wendong results three credit the most, now that the East Columbia East would have left the paper, they should make out the location of the boss, to the three to do ... ... "At this, he did not dare to go on, steal a glance looked wow gold reaction. In wow gold there to protect him, mostly in three selected from the long hall, and there are no mixed Chen Baicheng cronies, no one he could not, bring a lot of blood to kill members of the Jiang Sen, is to prevent the event of. Wow gold looked up, sighed sadly. Jiang Sen will Xinyi Heng, said: "East Brother, Chen Baicheng is a malignant tumor, so do not quickly get rid of this man, no end of trouble, he might even threaten the security of East Brother." Man wow gold, very accurate, what Chen Baicheng person, his mind was clear, but as of now the situation is not suitable to get rid of this person. Chen Baicheng good kill, but the three that area think? After all, he trusted the man and took him as his most capable assistant. Now, the text of the affairs of the East will be by three shots, killing Chen Baicheng once, he would not think they do not trust him? Do not think they even worry about too much of his right to spend his strength in it? There is no conclusive evidence, to kill Chen Baicheng, will cause a series of reactions, and even the East will lead to unrest in the text. Wow gold After thinking, shook his head, said: "temporarily not to move him." Jiang Sen urgent: "The East Brother, be careful Yanghuweihuan." Wow gold smiled and said: "Chen Baicheng not a tiger, at best, but is only the cunning fox, a Tiger support, he can swagger, if not maintain his tiger, and his death is also not far away. "Jiang Sen pondering his words a moment, suddenly startled, opened his mouth in surprise:" The East Brother, you will not three ... ... "" haha "wow gold on his back laughing, said:" of old, you like to go, and Zhang brother is my brother, how could I start it for him?! I mean as much to collect Chen Baicheng evidence of evil, when placed in front of Zhang brother, he would no longer maintain him. "" Oh! "Jiang Sen wipe the perspiration from his head, secretly relieved. At this time, golden eyes, then take: "The East Brother, the things that strikes the soul group, how to solve?" Wow gold smiling said: "Tomorrow night, we sea 'fishing'!" 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Every jounce and leap made his heart pound. Not even an amusement park gravity ride was like this! UGG Boots Clearance Athaclena let out a squeak of exhilaration as they sailed free and landed again with a rubbery rebound. UGG Boots Clearance Her corona was a storm of silvery threads that seemed to crackle with excitement. I only hope I remember how to control this thing right. Maybe it was his rustiness. Or it might have been Athaclena's presence, distracting him. But Robert was UGGS Clearance just a little late reacting when the near-oak stump-a remnant of the forest that had once grown on this slope-loomed suddenly in their path. Athaclena laughed in delight as Robert leaned hard to the left, swerving their crude boat wildly. By the Ugg boots clearance time she sensed his sudden change of mood their spin was already a tumble, out of control. Then their plate caught on something unseen. Impact swerved them savagely, sending the contents of the sled flying. At that moment luck and Tymbrimi instincts were with Athaclena. Stress hormones surged and reflexes tucked her head down, rolling her into a ball. On impact her body made its own sled, bouncing and Ugg boots clearance skidding atop the plates like a rubbery ball. It all happened in a blur. Giants' fists struck her, tossed her about. A great roar filled her ears and her corona blazed as she spun and fell, again and again. Finally Athaclena tumbled to a halt, still curled up tight, just short of the forest on the valley floor. At first she could only lie there as the gheer enzymes made her pay the price for her quick reflexes. Breath came in long, shuddering gasps; her high and low kidneys throbbed, struggling with the sudden overload. And there was pain. Athaclena had trouble localizing it. She seemed only to have picked up a few bruises and scrapes. So where . . . ? Realization came in a rush as she uncurled and opened her eyes. The pain was coming from Robert! Her Earthling guide was broadcasting blinding surges of agony! She got up gingerly, still dizzy from reaction, and shaded her eyes to look around the bright hillside. The human wasn't in sight, so she sought him with her corona. The searing painflood led her stumbling awkwardly over the glossy plates to a point not far from the upended sled. Robert's legs kicked weakly from under a layer of broad plate ivy caps. An effort to back out culminated in a low, muffled moan. A sparkling shower of hot agones seemed to home right in on Athaclena's corona. She knelt beside him. "Robert! Are you caught on something? Can you breathe?" What foolishness, she realized, asking multiple questions when she could tell the human was barely even conscious! I must do something. Athaclena drew her jack-laser from her boot top and attacked the plate ivy, starting well away from Robert, slicing stems and grunting as she heaved aside the caps, one at a time. Knotty, musky vines remained tangled around the human's head and arms, pinning him to the thicket. "Robert, I'm going to cut near your head. Don't move!" Robert groaned something indecipherable. His right arm was badly twisted, and so much distilled ache fizzed around him that she had to withdraw her corona to keep from fainting from the overload. Aliens weren't supposed to commune this strongly with Tymbrimi! At least she had never believed it possible before this. Robert gasped as she heaved the last shriveled cap away from his face. His eyes were closed, and his mouth moved as if he were silently talking to himself. What is he doing now? She felt the overtones of some obviously human rite-of-discipline. It had something to do with numbers and counting. Perhaps it was that "self-hypnosis" technique all humans were taught in school. Though primitive, it seemed to be doing Robert some good. "I'm going to cut away the roots binding your arm now," she told him. He jerked his head in a nod. "Hurry, Clennie. I've . . . I've never had to block this much pain before. ..." He let out a shivering sigh as the last rootlet parted. His arm sprang free, floppy and broken. What now? Athaclena worried. It was always hazardous to interfere with an injured member of an alien race. Lack of training was only part of the-problem. One's most basic succoring instincts might be entirely wrong for helping someone of another species. Athaclena grabbed a handful of coronal tendrils and twisted them in indecision. Some things have to be universal! Make sure the victim keeps breathing. That she had done automatically. Try to stop leaks of bodily fluids. All she had to go on were some old, pre-Contact "movies" she and her father had watched on the journey to Garth-dealing with ancient Earth creatures called cops and robbers. According to those films, Robert's wounds might be called "only scratches." But she suspected those ancient story-records weren't particularly strong on realism. Oh, if only humans weren't so frail! Athaclena rushed to Robert's backpack, seeking the radio in the lower side pouch. Aid could arrive from Port Helenia in less than an hour, and rescue officials could tell her what to do in the meantime. The radio was simple, of Tymbrimi design, but nothing happened when she touched the power switch. No. It has to work! She stabbed it again. But the indicator stayed blank. Athaclena popped the back cover. The transmitter crystal had been removed. She blinked in consternation. How could this be? They were cut off from help. She was completely on her own. "Robert," she said as she knelt by him again. "You must guide me. I cannot help you unless you tell me what to do!" The human still counted from one to ten, over and over. She had to repeat herself until, at last, his eyes came into focus. "I ... I think my arm's b- busted, Clennie. ..." He gasped. "Help get me out of the sun . . . then, use drugs. ..." His presence seemed to fade away, and his eyes rolled up as unconsciousness overcame him. Athaclena did not approve of a nervous system that overloaded with pain, leaving its owner unable to help himself. It wasn't Robert's fault. He was brave, but his brain had shorted out. There was one advantage, of course. Fainting damped down his broadcast agony. That made it easier for her to drag him backward over the spongy, uneven field of plate ivy, attempting all the while not to shake his broken right arm unduly. Big-boned, huge-thewed, overmuscled human! She cast a glyph of great pungency as she pulled his heavy body all the way to the shady edge of the forest. Athaclena retrieved their backpacks and quickly found Robert's first aid kit. There was a tincture she had seen him use only two days before, when he had caught his finger on a wood sliver. This she slathered liberally over his lacerations. Robert moaned and shifted a little. She could feel his mind struggle upward against the pain. Soon, half automatically, he was mumbling numbers to himself once again. Her lips moved as she read the Anglic instructions on a container of "flesh foam," then she applied the sprayer onto his cuts, sealing them under a medicinal layer. That left the arm-and the agony. Robert had mentioned drugs. But which drugs? There were many little ampules, clearly labeled in both Anglic and GalSeven. But directions were sparse. There was no provision for a non-Terran having to treat a human without benefit of advice. She used logic. Emergency medicines would be packaged in gas ampules for easy, quick administration. Athaclena pulled out three likely looking glassine cylinders. She bent forward "until the silvery strands of her corona fell around Robert's face, bringing close his human aroma-musty and in this case so very male. "Robert," she whispered carefully in Anglic. "I know you can hear me. Rise within yourself! I need your wisdom out in the here-and-now." Apparently she was only distracting him from his rite-of-discipline, for she sensed the pain increase. Robert grimaced and counted out loud. Tymbrimi do not curse as humans do. A purist would say they make "stylistic statements of record" instead. But at times like this few would be able to tell the difference. Athaclena muttered caustically in her native tongue. Clearly Robert was not an adept, even at this crude "self-hypnosis" technique. His pain pummeled the fringes of her mind, and Athaclena let out a small trill, like a sigh. She was unaccustomed to having to keep out such an assault. The fluttering of her eyelids blurred vision as would a human's tears. There was only one way, and it meant exposing herself more than she was accustomed, even with her family. The prospect was daunting, but there didn't seem to be any choice. In order to get through to him at all, she had to get a lot closer than this. "I ... I am here, Robert. Share it with me." She opened up to the narrow flood of sharp, discrete agones-so un-Tymbrimi, and yet so eerily familiar, almost as if they were recognizable somehow. The quanta of agony dripped to an uneven pump beat. They were little hot, searing balls-lumps of molten metal. ' ... lumps of metal . . . ? The weirdness almost startled Athaclena out of contact. She had never before experienced a metaphor so vividly. It was more than just a comparison, stronger than saying that one thing was like another. For a moment, the agones had been glowing iron globs that burned to touch. . . .

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LOVE this, Jim. Better them than me. Can't wait for the next installment of the book on Swampland. Better THEM than ME. LOL

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