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Jerry LaCroix

Talkin’ Trash with Jerry LaCroix
An Interview with the Former Lead Singer of Edgar Winter’s White Trash

by Michael Buffalo Smith
January 2000

My wife and I were in Port Arthur, Texas on December 31st, 1999  for the huge Millennium Celebration starring Edgar Winter and featuring the White Trash horns, Chris Duarte Group and one of the most soulful voices in the history of rock and roll, Jer...

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Kathy Colvin Perkins says...

Hello, I just wanted to tell Jerry that I saw his band White Trash play at the Texas Pelican Club in La. in the '70s and met with some of his roadies. It was an awesome performance in a great venue. I lived 4 miles from the club but in Texas, so we went across the river a lot. I was born and raised in Orange, Texas, just across the state line, the Sabine River divides the states on I10. I recently met Edgar Winter and his band on a trip from Houston to Beaumont to play with ZZ Top, Apr.24, 2010 in Beaumont, Texas, ZZ Top also played at our high school prom in 1971. As you probably know some of the best music/musicians have come from the south and I have seen many of them in great venues. The Big Oaks club was a popular spot for a long time. Also recently met and talked with Leon Medina, from Louisiana's LaRoux, who plays bass, and wrote New Orleans Ladies in a small club in Tallahassee playing with Tab Benoit, featuring Mike Zito. Leon is a great, gracious man. I live for music and enjoy meeting and talking with the musicians. It has been a great pleasure hearing all of these great musicians and proud to say I am from the south. By the way, I remember a guitarist that did an unreal guitar version of The National Anthem at the Texas Pelican Club, could that have been Rick Derringer? Keep on playing the music. Thanks for your time. Kathy

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