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Year Of The Cock

by: Fiddleworms

Album Artwork

Year Of The Cock

(Heart of Gold)

Alabama’s own Fiddleworms are the next big name in jam bands. Yep, you read it here first, well, I assume you read it here first, anyway. The guys have a unique sound with catchy hooks and excellent melodies and a tongue in cheek sense of humor. From the opener “Backseat” to the fun “Pullin’ Teeth,” “Parasite,” “Bug Jazz” and “Piss On The Working Class,” Fiddleworms keep it real. Just for the record, these boys are not an overnight sensation.

Back in 1996 they were well on their way to the top when bandleader Chris Quillen died in a tragic auto accident. After a much necessary time of healing, the band is back, fresh and fit as a fiddle...er... Fiddleworm. Atlantic Records icon Jerry Wexler saw something special in Fiddleworms back in 1996, and they still have it, combined with an obvious love for fallen brother Chris. As Peter Gabriel would say, this is the good stuff.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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