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Wilson Street

by: Charlie Faye

Album Artwork

Austin's Charlie Faye is an amazing talent. She’s a gifted songwriter with a very pleasing singing voice that falls somewhere between Mary Chapin Carpenter and Debbie Harry. In fact, the smooth pop sound and flowing melody of “Jersey Pride” is more than a little reminiscent of early Blondie records.

Her love songs are obviously written from personal experience. You can hear the heartbreak in her voice on songs like “Coward’s Lament.”

“Baby I’m so afraid that the truth will set you free. I’d become a coward and a liar just to keep you right here with me.”

“Bottletops” really reminds me of Mary Chapin. It’s a  song made for radio, with a catchy melody and haunting jingle-jangle guitar and B-3.

“Runaround” is another excellent country-pop tune. I found myself thinking back to the 1980’s and singers like the late Nicolette Larson and Karla Bonoff. Same goes for “She’s Gonna Go,” opening with some nice Dobro.

I could listen to Charlie all day long. Songs like “Simple Seduction,” with its sparse fiddle and steel, and the moody “Waitin’ On Something” just pull you into her world. And it's a really nice world to visit. Resistance is futile.


-Michael Buffalo Smith


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coconut1955 says...

I will be ordering. I love what I hear on the web.

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