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What I'm For

by: Pat Green

Album Artwork

In a press release, Green says of his new album, "I wanted to make a perfectly circular record -- one that you could just put on repeat and really live with for a while." To that I say, “Mission accomplished.” The artist has gone directly to his heart for these inspired songs, and those are always the very best. Songs written by a husband and a father, as well as a guitar picker and singer.

Produced by noted producer Dann Huff, What I’m For is the perfect example of what Pat does in his live shows. I mean, sure, he’s a little bit country, but he’s also a little bit rock and roll. He is from that unique school of songwriters that includes folks like Robert Earl Keen and James McMurtry. Artists that color outside the lines. He’s part John Rich and part Bruce Springsteen. Part Jerry Jeff Walker and part Ronnie Van Zant.

What I’m For
begins with one of his most brilliant lyrics yet, a great song. co-written with Brett James,  called “Footsteps of Our Fathers.”

“We are walking in the footsteps of our fathers
Standing in the shadows of our mothers
Trying to learn from those who came before us
I see the roadmaps and lines upon their face."

“Country Star” is an excellent answer to Nickelback’s “Rock Star.” It’s all about the dream that all of us coffee house and honky tonk pickers share. Just the idea of seeing our name in lights on Broadway - in Nashville that is, not New York.

“Carry On” just simply rocks with the best of ‘em, and the title track “What I’m For” is a brilliant way of simply listing the best things in life, as opposed to listing the things he is against.

“I’m for dusty pawn shop guitars
And boxers past their prime
I’m for soaking up the wisdom
When an old man speaks his mind.”

Pat Green is so much more than just a country star. He is a brilliant song writer. He writes and plays from the heart. His songs are at once new and still familiar to any of us who have ever felt love or heartbreak, experienced success or failure. In general, anyone who has truly lived life. His music comes from the deepest part of his very soul, that vulnerable place where the dreams live side by side with the nightmares. The place where honesty wins out every time. The place I myself am always looking for.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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