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We're Not Coming Back This Way

by: Sam Sniper

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The band Sam Sniper hails from Athens, Georgia. We're Not Coming Back This Way counts as the group's debut album. The band includes Andrew Klein (vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, piano, organ), Chris Barnett (vocals, bass, guitar, drums), Ryan Sedgwick (drums, djembe, percussion), Nicholas Mallis (bass, guitar), Stephanie Jean (vocals, violin) Jason Carrigean (bass) and T.K. Driskell (vocals). This collection was recorded at Loose Seal Studios in Athens. Klein and Barnett produced the sessions.

"Heart, Beat" opens the disc with a laid-back acoustic foundation. "Dragons"exists as an experimental instrumental followed by "Cancertowne" a spaghetti-western ditty. "When All of Our Sins Are Good", a banjo-laced number, sounds like some old Library of Congress recording. "Bitter Heart's Radio" stands out as the first song on this album that indicates Sam Sniper possess their own sound; this is a fine number, indeed.

Crickets set the tone for "This", a haunted Appalachian spoken word song. "Comfortable Hypocrisy" begins with a spooky intro, and then transcends into an unholy shamble of sound that dissolves into peaceful tranquility. 

"My Home" turns out to be a great psychedelic country gem. The harmonizing on "Captain Broughton" sounds great, and this Memphis-based story song takes you to outer space. The album gains momentum as it progresses. "Country Blue" captures the band's spacey essence complete with lyrical references to their home state. "Love On the Run" flirts with music technology a bit (drum machine percussion), and somewhat distracts from an otherwise fine composition.

"Loneliness" continues the sonic thread of the aforementioned song. The title track reminds the potential greatness of these musicians and their tunes. This song will transfer well to a live audience every night. The closer, "Best of Me", turns out to be a quiet dose of soul. Look forward to Sam Sniper moving onward...

James Calemine

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