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Welcome to the South

by: Rebel Syndicate

Album Artwork

(Bad Creeks Rising)

I am simply blown away by this band. The CD has been on my desk, sitting there in the “In box” for a few weeks now, and I keep saying “I gotta check these guys out.” Well sir, this morning I did, and they are amazing.

A little bit 38 Special, a little Hank and some Little Texas, mixed with a heaping dose of Florida sunshine and a shot of Jack, Rebel Syndicate are consummate professionals. Their songs are expertly crafted and flawlessly performed. Honestly, there's not a bad song on the whole record.

“All But Gone” is a perfect, beautiful country song reminiscent of the band Alabama, and the title track, “Welcome to the South” is a Southern rockin’ tribute to our home land that stands as a rebel yell to kick off the party. “Anything But Me” is another excellent song with a catchy melody and heartfelt lyric, all about finding someone, something to blame for the way the writer was feeling at the time.

“Drive On” is another beautiful song that should be blazing across the airwaves of country radio. One of my favorites on the record is the redneck party song “Beer Don’t Bitch.” You can pretty much tell what that one is about. “Beer don’t bitch and whiskey don’t lie/I never seen a tear in Jose’s eye/Jim Beam never told me what to do.....And Jack Daniels never walked out and said we’re through.” You go guys! The end of the song brings the entire bar crowd into the studio for a sing along.

“That Man Don’t Live Here” is an excellent uptempo rocker that sounds like Bruce Springsteen if he’d been born South of the Mason Dixon.

I’ve got to be honest here. I know what I really like, and I was drawn straight into this joint  on the first listen. This is a  CD I will play over and over again. I am putting it in rotation in my personal CD changer alongside The Marshall Tucker Band, Bo Bice, The Outlaws, Tommy Talton, The Boxmasters, Amanda Martin, Bruce Springsteen, Sugarland, and The Winters Brothers Band. Hell yeah!

-Michael Buffalo Smith


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copperhead says...

I just got this CD. I liked it a lot. Kind of reminds me when Travis Tritt, Confederate Railroad, LeeRoy Parnell and Little Texas were rocking the doors off music row. Wow those were the days.

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