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We Don't Need

by: Cheyenne Marie Mize

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(Yep Rock)

Cheyenne Marie Mize is a Louisville, Kentucky, native. She served as a member of the groups Arnett Hollow and Maiden Radio a few years ago. She writes songs, sings, plays guitar and mandolin. Her debut album, Before Lately, was released in 2010. Mize has collaborated with Will Oldham (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) on a collection titled Among the Gold. Her latest EP--We Don't Need--contains six variegated-sounding songs that capture her wide-ranging musical talents.

The percussive "Wishing Well" opens this collection and showcases Mize's golden voice. The power and depth of this girl's vocal chords evoke an emotive feeling. Each composition contains a different style and sound. "Call Me Beautiful" stands as a murky, subterranean dirge that warns not to be deceived by appearances. Lush instrumentation gives this song a dreamy-ramshackle quality.

"Going Under" emerges as a piano driven soul song that really should be played on every stereo system...this is a mighty fine tune that even Aretha Franklin might want to sing on. Mize's voice on this song demonstrates her undeniable songwriting and singing talent.

"Keep It" emits a gritty-pop element that college radio listeners crave. "It Lingers", a guitar-laced ditty, appears as another diamond on this collection. Mize's words and vocals contain a timeless echo on an emotional level when she sings: "One more day and I'm farther away/Keep moving forward/We're spinning in circles anyway/Oh, let it go." Cheyenne Mize brings the spook on this one...

The final cut on We Don't Need is a moody instrumental titled "Back Around". If We Don't Need is any indication of what Cheyenne Mize has in store as far as songwriting goes, I can't wait to hear what's next...

James Calemine

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