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Waterfront View

by: Tom Coerver

Album Artwork

Tom Coerver
Waterfront View


Here’s proof once again that DIY and indie artists, nine times out of ten, are making better music than anything you will find on the major labels.

On this, his second outing, Louisiana man Tom Coerver kicks it up even more, turning out a blistering guitar driven record filled with smart lyrical content and powerful blues rock guitar. Most of the songs were written by Coerver, who also plays most of the instruments. Not since the days of John Fogerty’s Blue Ridge Rangers has a single musician brought it all together so well.

Coerver at times sounds like a ‘70’s classic rocker, sometimes like ZZ Top, and at others his music slides into a kind of Gov’t Mule groove.

There is a sweet, Dobro fueled cover of the classic “Sittin’ On Top of The World,” and then Tom throws down on some Spanish guitar on “Spanish Town.”

Coerver isn’t afraid to share his innermost opinions either, like the music industry diatribe “Parade of Lost Souls.” Pretty cool.

With Waterfront View, Tom Coerver shows that he has what it takes to consistently put out good records, filled with originality and fresh, Southern grown rock and roll.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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