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Under Pressure

by: Duwayne Burnside and the Mississippi Mafia

Album Artwork

Duwayne Burnside and the Mississippi Mafia
Under Pressure

(Blues Cool Records)

Duwayne Burnside has stepped up with a new recording of his own called Under Pressure. I say ‘on his own’ because he grew up as the son of the late Mississippi bluesman R. L. Burnside, and then went on to do a stint with the North Mississippi Allstars. His father died about a year ago, the North Mississippi Allstars returned to being a trio, and now Duwayne and his Mississippi Mafia band are stepping up to claim their own space on the mantle. “Under Pressure” features 8 new original songs by Burnside, including a nod to his father called “Tribute.” Barnburners include “She Threw My Clothes Out,” “King,” and “Hard Candy Part II.”

Duwayne’s guitar is cranked up and prominent, but it never overshadows the group’s sound. The other members of the Mississippi Mafia include Nate Mitchell, Jimbo Mathis, Garry Burnside, Roy Cunningham, and guest John X. The band also plays the funky, slow blues number written by R.L. Burnside called “Bad Luck City,” and the Albert King classic “I Got The Blues.”

-Derek Halsey

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