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Truth & Salvage

by: Truth & Salvage

Album Artwork

Truth & Salvage EP
Truth & Salvage
Silver Arrow Records
By James Calemine

Truth & Salvage consists of four songwriters: Smitty Smith, Joe Edel, Walter Young and Scott Kennebrew. Asheville, North Carolina, served as the band's headquarters until they moved out to Los Angeles. The Black Crowes' Chris Robinson produced theese songs as well as Salvage's new record for The Crowes' label Silver Arrow Records. These four songs give indication that this group's potential seems beyond encouraging.

"The Call Back" starts this collection. It appears the band already preserved their own sound in this three-minute ditty that maintains a strength in simplicity with tasteful licks on each instrument. "Heart Like A Wheel"--another solid honest song--resonates a tasteful guitar hook with a sound that revolves around songcraft instead of needless jamming.

"Jump The Ship", a slow low-key song, emits a colorful musical array of instrumentation. "Welcome To LA" evokes a West Coast country twang with serious melodic substance that ranks as one of the stronger of these four tunes. This song paints vivid musical images that linger.

Truth & Salvage are currently out on the road with The Black Crowes where they are playing these songs and other original material from their upcoming album. This EP reveals these collection of southern musicians can find a home anywhere...

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