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Trouble's Comin' Live

by: Southern Rock Allstars

Album Artwork

Southern Rock Allstars
Trouble’s Comin’ Live


The Southern Rock Allstars have been rocking across the country and back again for years now, pleasing old fans and making new ones along the way. So when word hit the streets (or should I say, “the web”) that the new SRA album would be a live affair, excitement ran rampant. Well, the good news is, it was worth the wait.

The two-CD set rocks, with Jakson Spires’ powerhouse drumming, Charles Hart’s thumping bass, Jay Johnson’s rocking guitar, Jimmy Farrar’s killer vocals and Scott Mabrey on guitar. To make the party even better, there are tracks featuring longtime guitarist Dave Hlubek, as well as Duane Roland, Mike Estes, Charlie Hargrett, Pete Geddes and Mark Ray on keys. Whew!

There are plenty of songs made popular by the guys original bands - Lynyrd Skynryd, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet and more. There are also plenty of rockin’ SRA originals.

From “White Dove” to “Wishing Well,” “Bounty Hunter,” “Train, Train” and “Gator Country,” the band rocks at maximum velocity.

Jimmy Farrar has always sung “Mississippi Queen” better than anyone, and here it is captured live, full tilt. Move over, Leslie West.

Outstanding versions of “Stump Jumpin,” “Train of Sorrow” and Tommy Crain’s “The Hill” are but a few of the highlights. The band is hotter than ever, and with the inclusion of all of the former members and select friends, Comin’ Atcha stands and delivers - live and burnin’. One of the best tracks here is “Highway Song,” featuring the chorus of Muscle Shoals High School. Awesome!

Closing out the near perfect set is one of the band’s most fun covers, Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Night.” Pretty good for a bunch of old Southern boys.

The Southern Rock Allstars each have their individual legacy’s, but taken as a collective, SRA is one fine rock-n-roll band. If you don’t believe me, just spin Trouble’s Comin’. Only one recommendation. Turn it up to eleven!

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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