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by: Eric Gales

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(Blues Bureau International)

Transformation counts as Eric Gales' 10th studio album. Memphis born Gales learned to play guitar at 4. He strums a left-handed, upside-down six-string--a tradition he learned from his grandfather Dempsey Garrett, Sr., who jammed with Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters.

Over the years, Gales endured Jimi Hendrix comparisons, and even though there are quite similar sonic qualities between the players--Gales' talent remains undeniable. Transformation contains 12-original compositions. "Railroaded"--a story of struggling with the law--demonstrates a wicked guitar sound on the opening track.

"Double Dippin" sounds like one just stepped on a bullet train for two minutes and thirty seconds. "Tortured Mind" evokes the power of trios like the Band of Gypsys and Gov't Mule. "I Pity The Fool" is a straight up rock & roll tune giving no quarter regarding an evil woman.

"Time Waits For No One" emits a rare degree of guitar wizardy. The title track captures the pure spirit of this singer/songwriter/guitarist when he sings the lines: "I stand up and fight for a transformation." "Sometimes Wrong Feels Right" exists as one of the quieter songs, yet one of the most resonating on this blistering collection.

"Sea of Blood" emits a spooky, venemous tone that feels like it sounds. The wide-open closer, "I Wouldn't Treat A Dog That Way" leaves the listener with a good message that Eric Gales can roll with any transforming change. Play this one loud...

James Calemine


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