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Through The Scattered Trees

by: Lingo

Album Artwork


When I saw this young band open for The Tommy Talton Band in Athens earlier this year I was simply blown away. It’s been a while since I witnessed a band this young display so much sheer talent.

The band is made up of four guys from Marietta, Georgia: Justin Tramble on rhythm guitar and vocals, Dylan Burke on lead guitar and vocals,
Drew Earley on drums and Alex Tramble on bass and vocals. Randall Bramblett  drops by to add some of his smokin’ sax. The record was produced by famed producer John Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic) at his studios in Athens, Georgia.

Lingo have a totally unique sound, utilizing funky beats, pop melodies and influences ranging from The Allman Brothers Band to Widespread Panic.

“Wake Up” is one of my favorites, featuring some nice B-3 and some tasty lead guitar reminiscent of Warren Haynes. One thing that really stands out with Lingo is their tight rhythm guitar. i like that. Nowhere is this more evident than on the opening track “Bank the World.” Dylan plays some slide that would make his Marietta neighbor Tommy Talton grin.

“You’re Lost” is a really cool acoustic song. I could hear this one in the soundtrack of a major motion picture. The pedal steel is beautiful.

The band do a great job of utilizing percussion as well, as in the instrumental jam “Afro.” Sure, Lingo may be called a “jam band,” but they are a “thinking man;s jam band.” They don’t just noodle around on the fretboard for the hell of it, They jam, but it is all built, as Gregg Allman once said of The Allman Brothers, around the song. The slow jam “Agents” takes a cue from the old hit “Secret Agent Man” and melts into an amazingly fresh track.

I look for a brilliant and bright future for Lingo. All they have to do is stick together and they will make it. Their debut is highly listenable and as fresh as baby’s breath. I love ‘em.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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MusicMattersEntertainment says...

Great review of a an amazing band and fine CD! Catch these guys live at saller venues while you can. And if you don't have the CD, get it! It's available on their website at www.lingomusic.net or from our friends at www.hittinthenote.com

copperhead says...

This one has been a favorite for a while now. Good stuff

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