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The Winters Brothers Band, Nolensville, TN 6/17/06

by: The Winters Brothers Band

June 17, 2006 • Nolensville,TN

I am the Winters barn.
I have a relaxed and quiet life, since they’ve stopped farming.
Sometimes it is boring just standing there and covering the mowers...and an empty stage !

I always wait for the Saturday before Fathers Day. On that day, the Winters family is holding the best party there is, the 27th Annual Southern Summer jam. Suddenly was some action in my quiet life.The Winters started cleaning up, setting up amps, lights and all the equipment they need.

On this years’ jam day, like every year, many great people were coming from all over.
From Mississippi, Georgia, New York, Chicago, California and I heard aboutsome folks from Vienna, Austria, wherever that is on God's great planet.

In the afternoon they started with great acoustic music with songwriters, followed by many bands and musicians -I can't remember all their names, but Ricky Campbell was playin', Sweet Papa Dave and the Blue Kats, Billy Hester and the legendary Uncle Zack Tucker with his guitar and great voice. He was fantastic with all his stories and songs and Iwish, Uncle Zack would play a two hour set.

Next the Crosstown Allstars hit the stage, and with them a man we’ve seen on that stage before, Mr. Tommy Crain.

Tommy Crain is not Frasier Crain’s brother, he was the picker, singer and songwriter for the Charlie Ddaniels Band for more than 15 years, wrote and co wrote songs like franklin limestone, ode to sweet smokey, jitterbug, reflections, blind man, lonesome boy from dixie, get me back to dixie, the devil went down to georgia and don't forget his great cumberland mountain number nine (tommy, please play that song again for us!) This band rocked and the crowd got crazy. They're doin' their own songs and a few remakes. They have two great albums out and touring a lot. for more information and ordering CDs, go to: http://crosstownallstars.com/

Meanwhile the sweet smoke from Ernie's BBQ was waving around me and the crowd got some delicious Southern food.

And then:
Ladys and gentlemen, from the great state of Tennessee....The Winters Brothers band.
They sure started like a hurricane with "Country Boy Rock and Roll" and the
stage was burning. Dennis Winters in front on guitar and vocals is getting better every year and leads the band from highlight to highlight.

The Southern Belles, Dennis’ daughters Casey, Carly and Cody were singing background and every single girl stepped in front and sung a solo with

I’ve just realised, the Winters Brothers Band has 2 1/2 hours of hits. Smokey Mountain Log CabinJones, I can't Help, Ain't Gonna Let it, Sang Her Love Songs, Misty Mountain Morning, Devil after my Soul just to name a few......they are jamming these songs and some of them are
runnin' for 20 minutes and more.

Later on, more and more players joined the band and jammed with them. it was great to see, when Dennis comes up with an idea on guitar, Darren Brothers,the one and only Duane Allman reincarnation is pickin it up, tommy crain
stepped in, Chad Booher on drums was driving them on relentlessly and the bass was
lifting them 3 feet over the stage until they were flyin' up in a jam to land and rocking it to the end.......

At that time, I was upside down when they closed the show with "Homegrown." Some people standing up on the hill say they saw a dancing barn in Nolensville, TN.

A big big thank you to all the musicians, organizers, helpers, neighbors and Miss Lynda Winters for holding this party every year. If you were not there, you can't imagine what you missed. A real old time, relaxed and laid back party like in the good old times.
The Winters Bbrothers Band and the Winters family are keeping southern rock alive.

The South will rise again......
Evey year on the Saturday before Fathers day, just a few miles south of Nashville, TN.

I'll be there in 2007 !

-Southern George "The Winters Barn"

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