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The Man, His World, His Music

by: Johnny Cash

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Watching this DVD is a little like looking at home movies. Actually, a lot of it is old home movies. And the fact that many of us children of the sixties and seventies felt like Johnny Cash was a part of our family, causes it all to make sense.

Old 60’s concert footage of “Ring of Fire,” “Jackson” (with June Carter) and others coupled with a visit to Johnny’s parents house, an in studio visit with Johnny and Bob Dylan, and footage of Johnny playing a San Quentin prison, make this DVD a must have.

Other highlights include Carl Perkin’s doing “Blue Suede Shoes,” johnny sitting on a sofa playing “The Great Speckled Bird,” scenes from the second annual Country Music Awards, hosted by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, where Johnny won album of the year for “Live At Folsom Prison.” John playing “The Ballad of Tra Hays” in front of a tribe of American Indians in full headdress (The Native Americans, not John); and so much more. The film gives some real insight to the timeless love Johnny and June shared, as well as their undeniable work ethic. A nostalgic, loving tribute to the legendary “Man in Black.”

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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