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The Concert

by: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Album Artwork


CCR was one hell of a band. I was a huge fan of theirs, and all through high school I was convinced that they were based in Louisiana and were a Southern Rock band. I had no idea they were actually from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The great thing about CCR was that virtually every song they performed was a hit. If you went to see them in concert, it was a non-stop string of tunes you had heard on the radio.

The Concert was one of my favorite albums, and the new and improved digital version sounds even better. The 1970 live show features a young John Fogerty fronting a band at their peak, kicking off with the swampy “Born On the Bayou,” and moving through “Bad Moon Rising,” “Green River,” “Proud Mary,” “Travelin’ Band,” “Fortunate Son,” “Who’ll Stop The Rain,”  “Down On The Corner” and more. See what I mean about hits?

The album is a true treasure for those of us who grew up with these songs. Even if they aren’t really from the South, these guys had a real Southern sound to be sure. All good.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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