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The Allman Brothers Band, Niagara Falls, CAN 6/23,

by: The Allman Brothers Band

Allman Brothers Band
June 23 & 24 , 2006
Niagara Falls Canada

June 23 , 2006
Well despite the lateness of this review these shows made an ever lasting impression. At the new and spectacular Niagara Falls Vue Casino overlooking the mighty Niagara Falls we were treated to 2 consecutive nights of the brothers classic rock n roll catalog. There are few bands that can play two nights in a row and have completely different setlists.So to the delight of the crowd that went to this state of the art venue to witness not one but two nights of incredible music. with not one song played both nights the same. Only holding a mere 1500 folks this was said to be the smallest venue they had played since 1969.

The first night brought the crowd to its feet right off the bat with Hot Lanta.The sound was crisp and the band was tight for what turned out to be a very nice night of southern laced blues. Noticeable was Derek trucks with his hair down and a Derek that was very animated. Perhaps the recent tour with Clapton has brought this guitar genius to a new level as he and Warren traded licks that you wondered how and where the sound came from. Next up was Done Somebody Wrong,and Don't Keep Me Wondering.We were then treated to a favorite Woman Across The River and Old By My Time that was one of the best version I have ever witnessed live.Come & Go Blues was up next. Warming up now the band kicked it up a few notches to the classic Midnight Rider and High Cost Of Low Living.To finish out the night they took us Into The Mystic and treated the crowd to Liz Reed always a fan favorite. For the encore they belted out a raw and bluesy laced version of One Way Out. To the surprise and delight of the crowd Gregg and Derek came back out and signed autographs onstage after the show something I have never seen them do . Also after the show in the lobby other band members signed and posed with ecstatic fans.

June 24, 2006
Well round two of one of the greatest rock weekend attended brought out the band to the notes of Revival. Tonight's show was a bit more rock than Friday nights and the band was ready to roll big time. Trouble No More followed and then perhaps the best version of Rocking Horse I have heard. Warren and Derek took each other to new heights as they stood nose to nose and just tore it up..After a blistering end they went directly into Soulshine that had the already frenzied crowd dancing singing and just generally whooping it up brothers style.Up next was a surprise of the night the Dr John classic Walk On Gilded Splinters in which the band just tore it up.After a few other tunes they went into a classic to be with Desdemona in which Gregg's vocals are featured and his voice is perhaps the best it has ever been this tour..

After a rousing ovation they went into The Same Thing and Gregg stepped from behind the keyboards and strapped on the acoustic to delight the crowd to Melissa. Right back at it and hard driving came Leave My Blues At Home and then to end the set was the classic jam favorite Jessica. After a thunderous applause for what seemed like hours they came back and treated the crowd to No One Left To Run With in which a huge screen showed pictures of the late great Allen Woody--Berry Oakley--and Duane Allman..To say the least the crowd was thrilled to not only hear the band of today but see there hero's from years past before there eyes. As usual the band had there physodelic lighting effects during both nights that always makes the brother's music pulse with the motion of 50 freight trains.To say these guys are has beens is the farthest thing from the truth They are firing on all cylinders and tighter than ever The 3 percussion attack and the guitar genius combination of Haynes and Trucks makes this band a must see on the summer tour this year. In fact we are off again next month as 2 nights was just not enough for this old rocker to be happy with .By the grace of god may these boys be with us into our twilight and keep doing what they enjoy and do best and that's make some of the best music in the world.

-Rick & Joann Pierce

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