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Street Singers, Soul Shakers, Rebels With A Cause

by: Candice Dyer

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Street Singers, Soul Shakers, Rebels With A Cause : Music From Macon

This amazing coffee table book weighs in at nearly 300 pages, and is chock full of beautiful photographs and articles on the many great artists who called Macon, Georgia home. From the street singers, like Rev. Pearly Brown,who would go on to perform at Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry, to the Godfather of Soul James Brown, the rock and roll legend Little Richard, the soul dynamo Otis Redding, and the fathers of Southern Rock, The Allman Brothers Band, they are all here.

There are chapters on Capricorn Records co-founders Phil Walden and Frank Fenter, and Phil's brother Alan Walden that are full of trivia that even I did not know, and I study this stuff. Bobby Whitlock, formerly of Derek & The Dominos and Delaney & Bonnie, who recorded for Capricorn during the mid-seventies is also interviewed.

There are awesome chapters on Wayne Cochran, Johnny Jenkins, and my friend Newton Collier, the lead horn man for Sam & Dave.

The Southern Rock section is good, although I am biased and would have loved to have seen many more photos and more writing about the whole Capricorn era. Still, there is a cool interview with Gregg Allman as well as one with Berry Oakley’s sister Candace, as well as a superb chapter on Chuck Leavell.

All of this, wrapped up in a simply beautiful cover and design, make Music from Macon an indespinsible addition to anyone’s music history library.

-Michael Buffalo Smith


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