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Straight To Hell

by: Hank Williams III

Album Artwork

Hank III
Straight To Hell


The grandson of Hank Williams is a true original. He keeps you guessing. One minute, he is crooning a country ballad that would make grandpa proud, and the next minute he is rockin’ out punk style.

His latest album opens with an almost Gram Parson’s style “Satan Is Real,” leading into a full tilt country punk “Straight To Hell.” Hank tips his hat to his friend David Allan Coe on “Thrown Out of the Bar” as well as on “Country Heroes” and “Smoke & Wine” is a full on rocker that touches on all of Hank’s favorite subjects - drinkin’, smokin’, partyin’ and carrying a loaded gun.

From "Crazed Country Rebel” to “Dick in Dixie,” (parental advisory) this is Hank III at his best. Just for fun, there’s a second disc that is one long track made up of ambient sounds, trains, and country songs. No holds barred here, folks. This is not your father’s Hank Williams, although there are times, like on the set closer, “Angel of Sin,” when he sounds pretty darn close.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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