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Southwest Stampede

by: The Winters Brothers Band

Album Artwork

The Winters Brothers Band
Southwest Stampede

(SouthStar Records)

Ladies and gentlemen, The Winters Brothers Band have delivered what may be their best album since their 1970’s debut. Southwest Stampede is a 12-song disc filled with good ol’ Southern rock, western tales and even cowboy sound effects.
The title track, “Stampede,” is extremely catchy, and if it were actually given a chance it could be a radio hit. The album closes with a reprise of the same song called “Stampede Jam” because it rocks out with a live Southern rock jam at the end. I love it. Dennis Winters and company rock it out big time for nearly 16 minutes. That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

“Outlaws and The Law Man” is another killer cut, and “Caution to the Wind” shows the Winters crossing over into something kind of different. A kind of cross between Marty Robbins and The B-52’s. Interesting and very cool.

The album was co-produced by Dennis Winters and the ultra-talented guitarist Jamie LaRitz, and features outstanding playing from Rad Dunn on bass, Eric DiNenna on drums and The Southern Belles- Dennis’ lovely daughters, Casey Winters, Cody Winters and Carly Winters-Kring.

“Devil in My Soul” and “A Gun Don’t Mind” were remastered from previous recordings and feature the current band members along with Donnie Winters, Gene Watson, Spig Davis, Kent Harris, Bill Connell, Toy Caldwell and Charlie Daniels.

Southwest Stampede is nothing short of a phenomenal Southern rock album, and one no real Southern rock fan should be without.

-Michael Buffalo Smith


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