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Songs of Praise and Scorn

by: Christopher Paul Stelling

Album Artwork

(Mecca Lecca Recording Co.)

Florida singer/songwriter Christopher Paul Stelling's latest release, the acoustic-based Songs of Praise and Scorn, prove he's a talented musician on the rise. These songs were recorded during a matter of days in an apartment above a Louisville, Kentucky, funeral home.

"Mourning Train To Memphis" sounds like a finger-picking ode to the ghost of Jeff Buckley. This opening tune indicates Stelling's talent will last--Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. "Flawless Executioner" emits a streamlined folk quality that resembles the music of Ryan Bingham and Jason Isbell when Stelling sings: "I was standing at the crossroads feeding the crows..."

"Never Been There" evokes vivid cinematic elements. "The Ocean Stole Away My Love" retains a quiet spook. "Strange Darkness" proves Stelling's ability to keep your interest with just a guitar and a song. "Ghost Ship" showcases some deft finger-picking. This number sounds like an old cutthroat sea song. The scope on "Little Broken Birds" spreads wide and deep.

The last track, "King Is Dead", penetrates the listener's senses on various levels, but these tunes contain something you can't touch...only feel. Stelling's Songs of Praise and Scorn sounds like a valley of discovery. Tune in...

James Calemine

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