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Snake Oil

by: Lefty Williams Band

Album Artwork

Down in Atlanta, Georgia there lives a young man who is destined to join Duane Allman among the greatest Georgia based guitarists ever to play blues and Southern Rock. His name is Lefty Williams, and the reason he is called Lefty is because he is missing a right arm. But hey, don’t start feeling sorry for him. This guy kicks ass. He plays guitar better than many of us with two hands ever will.

On Snake Oil, his sophomore release, Williams and his band are even hotter than they were the first time around. The songs are well written and personal, and the vocals are raw and righteous blues. 

Great songs like the funky “Thank You” and the bluesy “Have a Little Bit of Faith” beg for repeat listenings. I look forward to hearing these guys play these things live. “On The Prowl” is another good one. In fact, the whole album is filled with good material.

The Lefty Williams Band should appeal to fans of Southern blues, Southern Rock and even the jam bands, like Panic. It’s all good. Lots of heart, lots of soul and a whole heap of talent.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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