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Sing My Way Home: Voices of the New American Roots


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Sing My Way Home
Voices of the New American Roots Rock

by Keith and Kent Zimmerman

(Backbeat Books)

The Zimmerman brothers have really done their homework, and our libraries are just a little bit richer because of it. With Sing My Way Home (the title borrowed from a song by Delaney Bramlett), the Zimmermans use apt research combined with numerous interviews to create a chronicle of roots music in the 21st century, known these days as “Americana.”

Excellent history and behind the scenes looks into the world of country-rock, featuring The late Gram Parsons, Delaney and Bonnie, John Sebastian, John Hartford, Mickey Newberry, along with folks like Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams and Steve Earle. They also touch on newer artists like Jackie Greene.

Each Chapter features a special wrap up called “Download This”, that will help guide the uninitiated along that rural path to Americana enlightenment.

Sing My Way Home is well written and informative. It is a bus ride through the 1960’s all the way into the 2000’s. I started reading while listening to Delaney and Bonnie’s Motel Shot; Gram Parson’s Grievous Angel; and an array of tunes by Johnny Cash, John Hartford, The Flatlanders, and Arlo Guthrie. Good sound-track music for a very good book.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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