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See The Light

by: Bo Bice

Album Artwork

There’s no doubt whatsoever as to where Alabama boy Bo Bice derived his musical influence. Anyone who was watching his rise from American Idol auditions all the way to the second place winner position (barely beaten out by current country superstar Carrie Underwood) knows that Bo is a Southern Rocker all the way. After all, it was The Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post” that first won over the judges, and in later shows he was always pulling from the Southern Rock songbook.

While his debut CD was a big ol’ hit, the music was decidedly non-Bo. The suits tried to turn him into the typical pop idol, which was just not Bo’s style. This time though, Bo took control, and turned out a killer Southern Rock record. Bo shows off exactly what got him all the attention in the first place. Soulful and Southern Rocking all the way, he wrote or co-wrote every song on this 10-track CD, resulting in a very honest, totally Bo Bice album. Excellent.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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OlieVenice says...

As an avid fan of American Idol, I’ve seen Bo Bice. Bo had been unique in his own kind of music, and I admire him for that. But this time, in the current American Idol judges, I barely agree with their judgment and criticisms. The other night was not…horrible. The Crystal Bowersox performance wasn't bad, but so far I REALLY like Lilly Scott. I wouldn't necessarily get payday loans to fly out for a concert at the moment, but she's easily one of the most distinctive of the current female singers. I predict one of the women will win this year.

jaydee says...

Love the album. Thanks for the review

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