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Rock and Roll Jesus

by: Kid Rock

Album Artwork


There’s no denying that Rock and Roll Jesus is the best record Kid Rock has ever released. Virtually every song is good, and if you can get past what some may call  the blasphemy of the title track and the hard-core chauvinism of “Half Your Age,”  you find a down right balls up Southern Rock record that merits multiple plays and a special spot on the old iPod.

Bobby vacillates between the gentlemanly “When U Love Someone,” the God-fearing and lyrically superior “Blue Jeans and a Rosary,” and the absolutely joyous celebration of “New Orleans,” co-written with pal David Allan Coe. Only once does Rock slide back into his rap roots, on the tune “Sugar,” which is just fine with me.

Perhaps my favorite track is “All Summer Long,” built around the signature riff of Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London, and incorporating Ed King’s signature lick from “Sweet Home Alabama,” this one is loaded with Southern Rock bombast. Fact is, the entire album is.

People either love or hate Kid Rock. I myself never felt that strongly either way. I do admire the brother for shameless self promotion and for blurring the artistic boundaries of music. But with Rock and Roll Jesus, I can truly say I have become an official fan. A damn good album.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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