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Rebel Meets Rebel

by: David Allan Coe & Cowboys From Hell

Album Artwork

David Allan Coe & Cowboys From Hell
Rebel Meets Rebel

(Big Vin Records)

Country’s favorite outlaw teams up with his pals from Pantera to rock the freakin’ roof off the house, blending metal and country into something totally fresh and cutting edge.

Coe’s “Nothin’ To Lose” opens the set, with balls out lead guitar from the late (totally unbelievably murdered for no damned reason) great Dimebag Darrell. The whole disc rocks, and Coe sounds as though he is having the time of his life.

The album rocks from one end to the other, with choice cuts “Cowboys Do More Dope,” “Rebel Meets Rebel,” and the absolutely boss “Cherokee Cry.”
A brilliant coming together of genres - an outstanding tribute to dime, and an awesome performance from the former Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy.

- Michael Buffalo Smith

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