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Realign Your Mind

by: Greg Humphreys

Album Artwork

(Phrex Records)

Greg Humphreys recorded his second solo album--Realign Your Mind--in Durham, North Carolina. Humphreys played in the bands Dillon Fence and Hobex before he began recording alone. Humphreys wrote this about Realign Your Mind: "I fleshed many of these songs out with help from some very talented, sympathetic musicians who I am lucky to have as friends. Realign Your Mind is more of a studio effort than my last release, Trunk Songs, which was basically culled from three live recording sessions.

"If nothing else, I'm honest in my songwriting. Many of the songs on Realign Your Mind deal with the unraveling and aftermath of a long relationship. Facing that proverbial dark night of the soul is good fodder for songwriting, I guess. I do realize you're only hearing my side of the story...I sure ain't perfect. anyone who knows me well would tell you that..."

"21st Century Existential Latin Blues" opens Realign Your Mind with an acoustic tribute to  Jorge Ben's album Forca Bruta. Humphreys indicated in the liner notes that "Talk It Out" serves as a "post-argument" song. "Way Over Yonder", a banjo/fiddle-laced tune, sounds as if it was written on a back porch under the Smoky Mountains.

Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz (Mandolin Orange) add vocal harmonies to the love song called "Thought I'd Be A Rambler". Some of the other musical guests on this album include Rob Ladd, Robert Sledge, Robert Cantrell, John Garris, Jon Shain F.J. Ventre and Ann Humphreys. "When You Comin' Home" in Humphreys' words provide a "light-hearted take on a woeful lover's improbable waiting game. Had some fun layering this song with some classic pop production."

"Baby's Gone Away" is a post Sept. 11 "ghost song". The title track closes this album, and it's definitely one of the strongest numbers on Realign Your Mind. These songs represent a quiet, acoustic honesty, indeed. Check Greg out at greghumphreys.net.

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