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Preachin', Prayin' and Singin'

by: Charlie Daniels and Friends

Album Artwork

Charlie Daniels an Friends Live From Nashville
(Koch DVD)

On April 25, 2005, Charlie Daniels took to the stage in Nashville to debut songs from his bluegrass-gospel album Songs From the Longleaf Pines. Charlie also brought along some of his bluegrass heroes to jam, including Mac Wiseman, members of the Scruggs family and McCoury family, as well as The Whites.

Charlie tells great stories about his love for the music of Mac Wiseman, playing with The Earl Scruggs Review in the late '60s and the early days of The Charlie Daniels Band.

The set kicks off with the good ol’ spiritual “Just Like John,” and the stage lights up with some of the finest bluegrass pickin’ this side of Bill Monroe.The guys and gals just tear it up on “Working On a Building.”

Charlie duets with Wiseman on "The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago," and Charlie recites The Lord’s Prayer.  Mac sings straight from the heart on “What Would You Give (in Exchange for Your Soul),” an old Monroe Brothers tune. It don't get no better.

After an interview segment where Charlie and Earl Scruggs talk about the time when Charlie played as a member of The Earl Scruggs Review, Charlie brings on Gary and Randy Scruggs before bringing Earl himself. Both banjo and fiddle smoke on “Salty Dog Blues.” Earl really is the king of the five string, and a living legend. Mac Wiseman returns to the stage for “Keep On The Sunny Side” with Charlie and Earl pickin’ their hearts out.

Charlie brings Del McCoury out for a rousing run on “Uncle Pen,” and Del throws down on his own classic “52 Vincent Black Lightning.” The show wraps up in true Volunteer Jam style with “I’ll Fly Away.” What a show.

Also included in the DVD are interviews and behind-the-scenes conversations with Charlie, Earl Scruggs, Mac Wiseman and others who were a part of this magical night.

As a Southern boy growing up in Carolina, I remember these old songs so well, and this concert, shot in sepia tone, brought back all those happy memories. It is nothing short of sheer joy.

I sat on my sofa, a blanket over my lap on the day after Halloween, sipping my Boxmasters coffee, tapping my toes, and enjoying every single minute of the show. This DVD is a treasure for the whole family, from Grandpa all the way down to the kids. Even my two Jack Russell terriers were loving it, Awesome.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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