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Penn's Peak

by: Blackfoot

Album Artwork

Blackfoot and Molly Hatchet
Penn's Peak, Penn Forest Township, Pennsylvania
October 16, 2009

The entire weekend started out cold and snowy after driving for four hours to get to Newburgh, NY to meet up with a friend to drive to Pennsylvania and leaving my car at another friends office for the weekend.  We got to the hotel where we were staying and checked in after missing our turn.

Friday we met for breakfast in the hotel lobby and started to get ready to go to Penn's Peak.  We got there and had lunch, and by the time we finished Blackfoot was pulling in to unload the trailer and have their sound check. I was very impressed with the view from the deck in back of the hall where they were going to play later on that night. Sound check was good by the time Blackfoot finished, and then  Molly Hatchet pulled in for the same.
After sound check was over and done with my friend and I went back upstairs for dinner and the doors opened.  Molly Hatchet took the stage first and proceeded to not only warm up the crowd for Blackfoot but to really wow them. 

After a 30-minute break between bands Blackfoot took the stage and opened up with "Good Morning" and then went right into "I've Got a Line on You."

From there they went on to play "Born to Lose" and followed that up with "Wishing Well" and "Morning Dew."  After that they played "Baby Blue" and then "Great Spirit," sung by Greg T. Walker, a great song.

Next came "Fox Chase" and "Left Turn on a Red Light,"  followed by the drum and bass solos.

"Traveler" was next, followed by  "Restless Angel" and the guitar solos. Blackfoot closed out the show with "Bad Sometimes," "Fly Away," "Highway Song" and the final song was "Train, Train." 

All in all it was a great sounding show and it's always great to see two of my favorite bands play on the same stage.  I couldn't have asked for a better time. 

- Reader submitted review abd photos by Stephanie/Arianna, thanks Steph!


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