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Open Casket

by: Minton Sparks

Album Artwork

Minton Sparks
Open Casket

(Ruckus Films)

Minton Sparks is a wonderful storyteller. Her tales are true to life, southern fried stories made into free form poetry, set to a bed of music by John Jackson, Steve Conn, Pat FLynn and the celtic songstress Maura O’Connell.

Her one-woman show is smart, sometimes happy sometimes sad, sexy even at times. She’s blunt, she’s introspective, and she’s not afraid to bear her own soul. Delivering tales about “Vickie Pickle's Momma” and “Aunt Shine’s Facelift,” Minton speaks in a slow southern drawl that draws us all into her world of crusty old farm hands and absolutely steel magnolias, and it is a beautiful place to visit.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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